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tearing the rag off the bush again
Ginsberg Injection
Nightly Dose of Ginsberg

After 24 years, the video of Allen Ginsberg's legendary appearance at Loyola University New Orleans is now online. The overflow crowd filled up all the aisles and the outside lobby, so he invited audience members to sit on the stage with him. He also did a meditation workshop, and his Collected Poems had just appeared so he spent a whole afternoon signing copies and illustrating each with a drawing. Thanks to Alyce Santoro for helping make this video available. Thanks to Andrei Codrescu for encouraging Allen to come. And above all, we remember with gratitude Allen Ginsberg for his genius and generosity.

Barry Miles and Allen Ginsberg In the Kitchen
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In Allen's kitchen on East 12th Street. I have a great memory of Miles typing at the kitchen table while Allen looked over his shoulder. Great working conditions! I don't know how he did it. Its a heart warming patriotic shot.
A Flower For John Clark
Allen Ginsberg Art
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Poison by Ruxandra Cesereanu

by Ruxandra Cesereanu

New Orleans magic poison distilled by Romania's great poet!
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Two Poems by Merilyn Jackson

by Merilyn Jackson

Merilyn Jackson takes no prisoners, but what a heart has she!
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March Hares by Nanos Valaoritis

by Nanos Valaoritis

Our dear friend, Nanos Valaoritis, cherished Greek poet, sent us one of his new poems.
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Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded

by Yusuf al Shirbini?s, translated by Humphrey Davies

J.J. Phillips brought...
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Two films by Julian Semilian

by Julian Semilian

 DEVOTEES OF THE PRECIPITATE: A film by Julian Semilian


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Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy & Ideology in Avatar by Max Cafard

by Max Cafard

Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy & Ideology in  Avatar
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Braden's mysterious paper airplane

by Braden Bell

This came in the window from Braden Bell
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Poems by Grzegorz Wr?blewski

by Grzegorz Wr?blewski

Poems by Grzegorz Wróblewski

 Translated from the Polish by Adam Zdrodowski



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Timisoara Bureau: The Discovery of Chirodea by Mark Sargent

by Mark Sargent

English Traveler Mark Sargent discovers Doru Chirodea, Timişoara genius.
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Wormwood Scrubs by Steven J. Fowler

by Steven J. Fowler

 all heart & some voices

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Multilegged Milliped by Gershon Hepner

by Gershon Hepner

Gershon Hepner ( ) is America's news poet, author of seventy thousand (you heard right!) poems on the margins of comments of interest to him, culled from our ever-growing media. His wide interests are expressed in extraordinarily thoughtful,...
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Four New Poems by Pat Nolan

by Pat Nolan

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Doina Ioanid translated from the Romanian by Florin Bican

by Doina Ioanid

Doina Ioanid
Translated from the Romanian by Florin Bican

Translator’s note: Doina Ioanid or the epiphany of melancholy>> more
Max Jacob: Fantomas, translated by Pat Nolan

by Max Jacob

Was Max Jacob Fantomas? Read Pat Nolan's renditions!
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Greece: Vertigo

by Mark Sargent

special to the Corpse
by Mark Sargent
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