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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Peoples' Weird Shit Namely Mine by Susan Connell PDF E-mail
We here at the Corpse think this is a true story. We hate true stories, but we'll let this one pass.
The Diamond Question Mark PDF E-mail
We never steal from nobody, bur when it comes to our genius, James Nolan, we can be as scuzzy as the Huffington Post. Note that we stole this from BOULEVARD.
Cobbler by Willie Smith PDF E-mail
The Amazing Willie Smith Retirns to the Corpse!
Andrei Molotiu's Transfigured Nights PDF E-mail
thinking of her
Two Stories PDF E-mail
Two Stories

“Zev fucked everybody,” Ellen says. Our parents are dead, and my sister is the keeper of the family lore, the juicier the better. We like being Jews who lack propriety, the kind you would want to ban from your society. You want a Jew to back away from? We’ll be your Jews. So when Ellen evokes Zev’s exploits, we feel a sense of family pride.

Uncle Zev had a gleaming smile and wavy black hair, and when I was a little girl, a little temptress, he said, “You will drive boys wild.” He was the Bill Clinton of furriers, an equal opportunity womanizer.

“Zev fucked Bell,” Ellen says. She means our mother’s younger sister. My sister and I are in Starbucks, and Ellen leans close. Aunt Bell was tan and wiry, thinner than our mother. In the Long Beach years, Toby packed on a little padding, but never Bell. She was a stringy, tendony thing you’d have to pull from your teeth if you ate her. Her mouth must have watered when Zev flashed his Clark Gable smile.
Three New Stories by Willie Smith PDF E-mail
Our own Willie Smith showing his immortal chops anew!
excerpt from The Pit, and No Other Stories by Jordan A. Rothacker PDF E-mail
Not normally friendly to corpse stories, the Corpse makes an exception.
Homesick Abortion by Katie Schwartz PDF E-mail
A woman's relationship with her abortion, a verbatim report from the depths.
Digitur by Calin-Andrei Mihailescu PDF E-mail
Peter begat Johannoe
stay tuned for who Johannoe begat
Three New Stories by Willie Smith PDF E-mail
We wrote in our intro that "our fabulous Willie Smith is back! His new book "nothing done" is out from Honest Publishing (2012)," but while it's true that the fabulous Willie Smith is back, the title of his book is not "nothing done," but "Nothing Doing." We misread the title to read almost hopefully (and uncharacteristically for Smith's work) that things are unfinished and thus, possibly, could, one day, be done (albeit in lower case.) Correcting the error, Mr. Smith wrote:

"All right! Thanks kindly for making space in the electronic coffin! I am already inviting folks to the viewing. One minor item, though: the title of the newly-released book containing 22 of my parables, fairy tales and longwinded, lewd jokes is NOTHING DOING ( "nothing done," as it shows in the previous intro works, too, and might invite controversy, touch off orthographic duelling and otherwise stir up interest. But I like the phrase "nothing doing," because it and it's synonymous riposte "no soap" were gangster talk from the thirties; my high-school dropout innercity father used both phrases regularly: "Daddy -- can I have a dime for some baseball cards?" "Nothing doing, kid;" or "Say, Dad -- could I have the keys to the car tonight so I can take my girlfriend to go see WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? and afterwards fuck the poop out of her in the backseat?" "No soap, son." I guess I could have titled the anthology NO SOAP. But I've already used No Soap in some of my stories and, besides, there is something appealing about the juxtaposition of two words ending in "-ing," one a noun, the other the present participle of a verb. Or am I just full of shit? Well, of course I am full of shit. That's beside the point.  
Regards, Willie 
The Bendy Bus by Mike Longman PDF E-mail
Phantom of Love, a story by Dylan Brody PDF E-mail
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