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Andrei Molotiu Attacks Photographs PDF E-mail
Andrei Molotiu is a brilliant mystery. Here are clues: photos, Maramures, pictographs, comix, hats on vowels. Solve the puzzle and win the Corpse Ring of Nonfame!
First Blood PDF E-mail
Here is the Corpse Reader Test: if we publish the story you submitted but failed to write your name at the top or bottom, can you read us enough to find out and tell us your name in indignant dignity? We have such a backlog of submissions to the Secret Corpse that we are quite sure nobody reads us, but your name 1/2 an inch from your story is advisable, just in case.
On Generosity PDF E-mail
Our correspondent in Greece is Socrates.
Mysterium on Paper: Scriabin Scores PDF E-mail
The mysteries of written music from Tom Bradley's Ear-Pen
Robert Perchan Masters Timor Mortis PDF E-mail
Robert Perchan, our long-time South Korea genius-in-Pusan does old man well, but is he? The Corpse position on this is: yes and no.
Lightning Storm Mind: Pre-Ancientist Meditations PDF E-mail
Heed the Word of Our Ancestor! The Way is obscure, but it is the Way. The Logos is the Way. This Way is obviously obscure and obscurely obvious.

The Naturing of Nature is Lightning Storm Mind.  Awakening Mind has a Lightning Storm Nature. Thus stroke Heraclitus.

Our Obscure Ancestor taught that “you can’t step into the same river twice.” Translation, at the risk of falling into the icy waters of unsalutary clarity: “Step into the river!”
I Paid for Woodstock PDF E-mail
 I Paid for Woodstock
“Governor Nelson Rockefeller declares Woodstock a national disaster area.” Woodstock was on the front page of the New York Times for days. My mother, who had allowed her barely 16 year old daughter to go to this rock concert, was appalled. But to her it wasn’t the lack of amenities that was horrifying, it was the sight of her daughter dressed in a blue work shirt and blue bell bottom jeans, surrounded by half-a-million other young people attired in the same fashion that ran a chill down her spine; it reminded her of something more sinister and repugnant, though in her day they wore brown. In our matching uniforms of blue, armed with tents and sleeping bags, and with the help of an endless downpour we were about to turn the green upstate fields on Yasgur’s farm into a mire.
Linguistic Anxiety and the Deconstruction of the Self in the Realm of the Ridiculous by J.J Phillips PDF E-mail
A major work of self-reconstruction by one of America's most elusive and powerful writers.
Akim, Zappy and the Green Eye by Pierre Joris PDF E-mail
from Pierre's ongoing memoir
Monsters of the Rue Macabre (forward) by Tom Bradley PDF E-mail
this monster is real, feel that skin? and it just appeared like a watermark through the religions of mankind!
Real Life!
Bill Heine: the Legend, for Real (1929-2012) PDF E-mail

Bill Heine (1929-2012)

Jerome Poynton on  Musician, Artist, Magician Bill Heine, (February 8th 1929—September 15th 2012),  who lived on the Lower East Side in the 50s, 60s, 70’s and early 80s died in Kingston, New York on September 15th after a long illness.


With an appreciation by Herbert Huncke.


In the 60s Bill was credited with introducing Tye Dye to America. He created his paintings by injecting bundled sheets with dye, using a hypodermic needle, and unfolding them to an array of bright color. In “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” Dylan’s lyric “The empty handed painter from your streets/is drawing crazy paintings on your sheets,” is a reference to Bill Heine. (Jerome Poynton)


Could I Be A Cannibal-in-Training? PDF E-mail
Our scientist-in-residence finds his love for meat is endless.
Ted's Music by David Berrigan PDF E-mail
Ted Berrigan's son, David, has all his dad's early music. I (Codrescu, editor) once visited Ted in 1967 at 101 St. Marks' Place in New York City and he played an LP of Kerouac reading. He loved "the music" of Kerouac's phrasing. Years later, Eileen Myles, who'd been Ted's student in Chicago, told me that she took "Dylan 101," Ted'd creative writing class, and that she couldn't want to take "Dylan 2" next semester, but didn't for some reason.
EXTRA! An unknown text by Urmuz! In Search of Urmuz by Florina Kostulias PDF E-mail
Florina Kostulias has been hot on the trail of Urmuz, the Romanian writer considered by many to be the founder of the absurdist strain of 20th century art and literature, a strain that included most of the avantgardes, including the Dada movement and the Theatre of the Absurd. The search for Urmuz, a figure shrouded in myth and deliberate misdirection, is much like that of Morcol, the "detective of shadows" from Raymond Queneau's novel, "Le vol d'Icare" (The Flight of Icarus, in English by Barbara Wright), with the difference that Ms. Kostulias is searching for a real historical figure, while Morcol chases imaginary characters. Her evolving research has uncovered the writer's death certificate and a series of essays by the great and much-better-known poet and essayist Tudor Arghezi, who knew Urmuz well. She has also uncovered a handwritten unknown manuscript by Urmuz, a discovery akin to finding the Grail at a time when swarms of scholars have been scouring every attic and ashtray in search of Great Unknown Modernism (GUM). We reproduce this document here for the first time in the printed world, along with Ms. Kostulias' note and translation. This translation, she warns us, is a work in progress, so stay tuned for tweaks. We will add the Romanian diacritics when we are satisfied with the entire translation. The text in the original Romanian and in English in Florina Kostulias' translation follows her messages on the most pertinent discoveries relating to the founder of NWLW (a New Way of Looking at the World). Ms. Kostulias' complete updates on her progress can be found in an exchange of letters with the Corpse editor in the Letters section, in chronological order.
Tom Bradley's new future scenarios PDF E-mail
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