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When You Don't Know Who's Listening: from David Dixon's Days of Napster files PDF E-mail
I've amassed many, many hours of these recordings, which provide endless voyeuristic entertainment. 
Brutto Mostro Cattivo! PDF E-mail
When making love to a Sicilian woman, I have been fortunate to have had her whisper incredibly wondrous and arousing phrases in my ear with a look of pain and pleasure.  As I laid face buried in her neck, mid-stroke, I heard, “Fantastico,” “Scopami,” “Ti Odio,” “Ti Amo per questo,” “Sei un Mago?” and “Brutto Mostro Cattivo
American Dementia: Castro?s Kitchen PDF E-mail

Please God, be on my side today.  Napalm my face.  Spray me down with Malathion.  Let a rabid mole eat through my brain.  Dip my balls in a pot of battery acid.  Fart in my mouth.  Shove a canister of Agent Orange up my ass.  Canker me with erratic skin pigmentations.  Embalm me full of castor bean oil.  But please don’t let this neurotic idiot sit across from me.
True Confessions: Pen Hackin? Slacker PDF E-mail
I’m one sorry sad sack of sloppy sheep shit
LANGUAGE OF WAR AND PEACE, A Response to 9/11 PDF E-mail
Friendship: The Brain (Of a Fascist) & The Heart (Of a Jew): Mircea Eliade & Mihail Sebastian PDF E-mail


 The “paradisiacal” period (1932-1933)

In the National Museum of Romanian Literature’s archive there is a set of photographs remarkably interesting . They depict a group of youngsters, about 25, happy, on a sort of “holiday game” in the Bucegi Mountains. In these photographs, taken in July 1932, we find Mircea Eliade (recently returned from India), Mihail Sebastian (recently returned from Paris), Haig Acterian, Mircea Vulcănescu, Dan Botta, Mihai Polihroniade, Marietta Sadova, Floria and Sylvia Capsali, Mac Constantinescu, Petru Comarnescu, perhaps even Leny Caler etc.  Romanians, Jews, Armenians, Greeks and so on. Ethnically heterogeneous as it were, this was an usual group of friends in interwar Bucharest. The typical examples of tolerant and multiethnic towns of Greater Romania include Timişoara, Cernăuţi, Brăila and some others. Bucharest is always forgotten, though it, too, was a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual and multi-confessional city.

The ‘20s and early ‘30s came after the miraculous date of 1 December 1918. “Romania should be so lucky – P.P. Carp would ironically comment – it no longer needs politicians”. Greater Romania seemed to enjoy a short, quasi-paradisal, period, with a generation of young intellectuals who, as Mircea Eliade believed, for the first time in history did not have a historic mission to fulfill. An “amniotic period”, as Ioan Petru Culianu would call it, referring to the state of the fetus, protected by the amniotic liquid in the maternal womb.  In Eliade’s words (as used in The Myth of the Eternal Return), “the terror of history” acted softer. Consequently, “the boycott of history” could also be applied in a softer manner. It was probably the very lack of a common “national mission” (or at least a “common danger”, to generate the syndrome of the “citadel under siege”) that atomized society and led to the brutal “fall from Paradise” and the well known political failure.

The friendship between Eliade and Sebastian was an exceptional one, not just through its depth, but also through its bumpy manifestation. A Dostoievskian friendship, if not also a Eugen Ionescu-type one. For, at a certain point, around Sebastian-Béranger Romania was “rhinoceros-izing” itself in concentric circles, reaching the last, and most intimate, one – that of the friends.

Active Image
Mircea Eliade (fourth from right) and Mihail Sebastian (second from left), with a group of friends in a mountain cabin in the Bucegi-Carpathian mountains in Romania (July 1932)
The Brazilian PDF E-mail
If you have a specimen of Phthiris pubis you'd like to donate to science, or know someone who has, please bring them to one of the events. -- Marc Abrahams, in The Guardian, Tuesday March 4, 2008
The Glass Womb PDF E-mail
This jar contained something different
The Florida Test PDF E-mail
The students aren’t learning? We’ll fix that: we’ll test them.
Exceptionalist Manifesto PDF E-mail

Exceptionalism is
                             my proudest embarrassment
Time Travel On The Nervous System: It's A Yin-Yang Bang PDF E-mail
It’s my own personal touch, though not an original one, on the cycle of starting from the esthetic, growing into the ethical, and maturing into the religious
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Guan Yin PDF E-mail
First, she is a goddess. She is one today throughout East Asia—although in some countries she is a he. Yes the goddess is sometimes a god, so that's worth a second look, for some a veritable double-take. You can see that even as a woman, she is often ambiguously gendered, where some of the statues are flat-chested and almost indistinguishable from representations of the young Buddha himself.
Fragments from ?The Salt Diaries? (1990-2007) PDF E-mail

I am terrified by the idea of writing in a language that is not my own. How could I think or write in English? Which part of myself do I have to give up? Is thinking and feeling in a different language a type of prostitution?

Art Kills One, Injures Two! Special to the Corpse Direct from Campus PDF E-mail
Then the art descended.  Now that was a cold day! 

Eliade, from Opium And Cannabis to Amphetamines* PDF E-mail
Andrei Oisteanu's groundbreaking study on Mircea Eliade and drugs
The Romanian Avant-Garde And Visual Poetry PDF E-mail
new scholarship on Dada and picto-poesy from Andrei Oisteanu
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