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Willie Smith to the Corpse PDF E-mail
EXTRA! The faithful Back In Church!
Letter from Greece: Mark Sargent PDF E-mail
The news from Greece is bad, but when a poet is present, the news takes on the colors of forever.
Anselm Hollo: 1934-2013 PDF E-mail
ANSELM HOLLO 1934-2013
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I just learned that my dear friend and mentor, the poet Anselm Hollo died on January 29, 2013. He’d been ill for nearly a year.
I think of a poem of Anselm’s in which he describes a dream of his dead father. He had the dream three months after his father died. The poem, untitled, appeared in his slim and epic 1972 collection, Sensation, and the poem is reprinted in his tellingly titled autobiographical essay, “Anselm Hollo, 1934-,” which in turn appears in his later collection Caws and Causeries. I’ll quote the last half of the poem here.
…I knew where he lay
 went on & entered
 the room light & bare
 no curtains no books
 his head on the pillow
 hand moving outward
 the gesture “be seated”
 i started talking, saw myself from the back
 leaned forward, talked to his face
 intent, bushy-browed
 eyes straining to see
 into mine
 “a question i wanted to ask you”
 would never know what it was
 but stood there & was
 so happy to see him
 that twenty-sixth day of april
 three months after his death
Rodney Dangerfield interviewed by Frank T. Csongos PDF E-mail
Our friend Frank Csongos unearthed this gem for our readers.

Forgive me for showing off. A friend of mine, a huge Rodney Dangerfield fan, asked me to send him my interview with the iconic comedian conducted at the bar of the Pittsburgh Hilton in 1975. I think it may well be my favorite story. Frank T. Csongos

An Exchange between Florina Kostulias and Andrei Codrescu on the dogs of Bucharest and Urmuz PDF E-mail

Urmuz is considered the daddy of Absurdism, pre-Tzara and pre-Ionesco. A bureaucrat, a drunk, and an ambulant performer in Bucharest, Urmuz initiated the modern literary revolution in the years before the First World War. I met Florentina Kostulias in London, on her way to Bucharest to uncover the traces of Urmuz. She found his death certificate and the police report of his untimely demise. Our conversation strayed naturally to the dogs of Bucharest, never far from the surface of the local mind, and some extraordinary pieces of dog literature by the great poet Tudor Arghezi were added by Florentina to the lore. The conversation is ongoing: the letters are posted below, from the earliest to the recent. Andrei Codrescu 



Why I Read Tom Clark's Vlog by Charlie Vermont PDF E-mail
nota bene: we like Tom Clark's blog too, eds.
More Actualists Throw Hats Into Fire PDF E-mail
Steve Toth weighs in and makes plea for hamburger poem. Not long after, the Actualist flame flares up again! We wll keep you updated under the assumption that ACTUALISM DOESN'T DIE, probably because it's actual. At some point, we might decide to kill it however (again!) because it might using Dave Morice as a means to make the Corpse its mouthpiece! Even actuality can be modified if the editor wants it to (see Plato). So then:
Another Actualist Throws Hat Into Fire PDF E-mail
Steve Toth weighs in and makes plea for hamburger poem
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