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Active ImageNOIR: A HISTORY OF MY BOOK REVIEWS: All around me, screaming silently à la E. Münch, the towers of unread books turned and turned toward me, a tiny man of flesh with no time on his hands or anywhere else on his body... Our alphabetical choices in literature, with awed and/or sardonic asides.

Note: August 1, 2009. It was the end of May 2009 when we (I mean me, Andrei) put my two hands around my neck, squeezed hard and cried, I can't, I can't! This really happened when I realized that in the boxes of new books being shlepped 800 miles (again!) to a new abode, were literary gems that would never be read in their entirety, let alone reviewed. Since merely cracking them open and gleaning oracular answers to unasked questions is not this reviewer's style (others twitter even the dead, me no even speak if the flesh crit no there!) I decided to abandon reviewing. So by the wayside fell marvels by the Martins, Richard and Chris, Ioana Nicolae, Dan Sociu, Lucia Cherciu, B.Z. Niditch, Mike Topp, and many, many others, gleaned, briefly loved, and abandoned for lack of time and weariness. This may be temporary, and this note no more than the cry of the overbooked, but it's not deliberate neglect, I promise. Codrescu

On the other hand, advertising, unlike literature, never dies, it twitches unto eternity, see below:

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Our reviewer is seized by the gods & reviews (occasionally) in verse! New reviews every month!

NEW: Maddox, Alleman, CÈline, Bukowski, Kerouac & Burroughs
Steve Kowit reviewed by Charlie Vermont PDF E-mail
Crossing Borders: Poems by Steve Kowit, Drawings and Watercolors by Lenny Silverberg, Spuyten Duyvil 2010
Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink: Locus of the Enigmatic Polygeneration PDF E-mail
Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink: Locus of the Enigmatic Polygeneration're not supposed to have any sense of place... a sense of place orients and guides you, is like an extension of The Self into geography, your Who gets all secured in a landscape...

--Hugh Fox, Icehouse and Thirteen Keys to Talmud

Not many publishers offer an inaugural list spanning three generations (if they were rural Mormons it would be four), almost as many genders, three times as many genres, several certifiable genii, and the same number of mutually contradictory cosmologies as there are monikers on the roster.

Make that seven--

V. Ulea, Forrest Armstrong, Hugh Fox, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Duane Locke, Jase Daniels, Justin Aerni...
The first, with ease, within her polyverse,
subsumes her brethren's sixfold Weltanschauung.
A numen of topography will fix
the cosmic wants of Forrest and of Fox.
The fourth disdains all undemolished space,
yet will not see the spirit un-proudfleshed.
Bright tutelaries poetize the fifth,
affording him a broad terrestrial bent.
The final two portend a world too strange
to be encompassed by the alphabet.
Gherasim Luca: The Inventor of Love, in English by the Semilians PDF E-mail

The Inventor of Love & Other Writings

Translated by Julian and Laura Semilian

Black Widow Press, Boston, MA 02116
143 pp. Paper $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9818088-7-1  

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