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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Melancholia Andrei Codrescu 7408
Francis Levy's Divine Comedy Francis Levy 9381
Steve Toth on Darrel Gray 3 Andrei Codrescu 7224
Russo-Portuguese monickered Ivan Arguelles Andrei Codrescu 7783
New Works by Mark Sargent Mark Sargent 5049
Three Poems by Braden Bell Braden Bell 8312
Narlan Matos translated by Sally Perret Narlan Matos 6372
Wild Thing by Steve Toth Andrei Codrescu 7181
Chameleon Enlightenment Mark Sargent 6940
Hydra Waterfront Neeli Cherkovski 6547
Jack Micheline, the Last Boho Gerald Nicosia 7216
The Greate Late Harold Norse Still Right-On Andrei Codrescu 6170
The Greatest Last Poem of the 20th Century Ted Berrigan and Anne Waldman 5873
Janaki Challa's Lunch with Cioran (and more) Janaki Challa 6377
New Poem by Howard McCord Howard McCord 5433
Braden's mysterious paper airplane Braden Bell 5497
Les Enfants by Caroline Wallenberg Caroline Wallenberg 7418
Mario Melendez translated by Ron Hudson Mario Melendez 8526
Simon Perchik: New Poems Simon Perchik 7712
New poetry from Mark Sargent Mark Sargent 7610
Two Poems by Merilyn Jackson Merilyn Jackson 7649
2012 in the hardlight of Kevin McCaffery's poems Kevin McCaffery 7410
Dragosh Ziditoru from the Fringy London Night Dragosh Ziditoru 6504
March Hares by Nanos Valaoritis Nanos Valaoritis 7726
Calin's Cameo Therapy and Mexican Occasions Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 6820
Three Poems to the Eternal Beloved by J.J. Phillips J.J. Phillips 6971
DE CUSUT by Paul Tanicui, TO SEW in English by A. Codrescu Paul Tanicui 6655
DE CUSUT by Paul Tanicui, TO SEW in English by A. Codrescu Andrei Codrescu 4660
New Poems by Lidija Dimkovska Lidija Dimkovska 8067
The Lefka Tree & New Aural Fashions by Mark Sargent Mark Sargent 7599
Bob Holman On Words! Bob Holman 6476
I Am As You Are Anything by Mark Sargent Mark Sargent 6246
Doru Chirodea's Self-Translated Horses Doru Chirodea 6572
Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded Yusuf al Shirbini 8397
Haydn's Head Gershon Hepner 7681
Multilegged Milliped by Gershon Hepner Gershon Hepner 6919
New Work by Scott Bailey Scott Bailey 7986
9/11, god, and the mets by michael andre Michael Andre 6929
Wormwood Scrubs by Steven J. Fowler Steven J. Fowler 7835
Recent Works by Dragosh Ziditoru Dragosh Ziditoru 6898
commute to quarter centuries Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 6866
commute to quarter centuries Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 6871
surround systems by calin-andrei mihailescu Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 6974
Paul Fiction by Calin-Andrei Mihailescu Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 7349
FROM THENETHERWORLD Special to the Corpse from JJ Phillips J.J. Phillips 6955
Death by Scott Bailey Scott Bailey 6779
Five Poems Con Leche y Sangre by Merilyn Jackson Merilyn Jackson 7487
New Poems by Grzegorz Wr?blewsk Grzegorz Wr?blewski 7097
A poem by Marc Vincenz Andrei Codrescu 7015
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