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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Item Title Author Hits
Peoples' Weird Shit Namely Mine by Susan Connell Susan Connell 6847
The Diamond Question Mark James Nolan 4863
Cobbler by Willie Smith Willie Smith 4502
Andrei Molotiu's Transfigured Nights Andrei Molotiu 5548
Two Stories Laurie Stone 5785
Three New Stories by Willie Smith Willie Smith 6356
excerpt from The Pit, and No Other Stories by Jordan A. Rothacker Jordan A. Rothacker 5960
Homesick Abortion by Katie Schwartz Katie Schwartz 7766
Digitur by Calin-Andrei Mihailescu Calin-Andrei Mihailescu 6252
Three New Stories by Willie Smith Willie Smith 7211
The Bendy Bus by Mike Longman Mike Longman 6105
Phantom of Love, a story by Dylan Brody Dylan Brody 6228
from ERRATA by Michael Allen Zell Michael Allen Zell 6014
Hairy Tail by Andrei-Calin Mihailescu Calin-Andrei Mihailescu, Professor of Suspect History, University of Ci_migiu 7633
from SEMILIAN?S FILM CLASS: I Daydream a Lot Mariangelica Velasquez 6784
The Norwegian by M.G. Stephens M.G. Stephens 6669
The Animals Began on the Porch Willis Barnstone 6947
The Birth of Liquid Desires Ruxandra Cesereanu 9515
Peter for Peter Orlovsky Herbert Huncke 10518
Lenin's Brain by Yuriy Tarnawsky Yuriy Tarnawsky 9168
Cobbler by Willie Smith Willie Smith 7907
Agnomia by R?bert G?l, transl. from the Slovak by Michaela Freeman R?bert G 8476
Normal & Thin: Two Stories by Laurie Stone Laurie Stone 8893
Night City Tom Clark 8548
Burnt Norway John Vanderslice 13238
The Animals Began on the Porch Willis Barnstone 9152
The Zilchers by Utahna Faith Utahna Faith 9328
Three Stories by Gloria Frym Gloria Frym 8181
Mike Golden's Memphis Mike Golden 11702
April Fool Tom Clark 11870
Two Stories Sharon Mesmer 70243
Three Stories J.C. Hallman 12023
The Palindrome Laura Riggs 10254
Rubber-Hose Real Estate Jim Lopez 10181
1980: the night of the silk worm Elea Carey 10796
Gods Awake Ronald Silver 9631
Man and Dog Susan Kirby-Smith 10775
How to Date a Flying Mexican Daniel A. Olivas 12631
FIFTY/FIFTY Lee Meitzen Grue 10215
The Commy Olympia Vernon 11389
Dachau Idyll Peter Freund 10499
Sea Dreams Lisa Burdige 13073
Attempt Anatoliy Glants 11313
Banter David_Breithaupt 10041
The Man With Six Hearts Peter Schwartz 11601
The Blind: Chapter II of Dark Bodies Stelian Tanase 9852
The Dog Pound of Daddies Dinty W. Moore 10276
How Everyone Came To Put on Their Coat Willie Smith 10090
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