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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Andrei Molotiu Attacks Photographs Andrei Molotiu 5106
First Blood Unknown For the Moment 5049
On Generosity Mark Sargent 4902
Mysterium on Paper: Scriabin Scores Tom Bradley 6403
Robert Perchan Masters Timor Mortis Robert Perchan 5889
Lightning Storm Mind: Pre-Ancientist Meditations Max Cafard 5800
I Paid for Woodstock Susan Silas 6289
Linguistic Anxiety and the Deconstruction of the Self in the Realm of the Ridiculous by J.J Phillips J.J. Phillips 9447
Akim, Zappy and the Green Eye by Pierre Joris Pierre Joris 6276
Monsters of the Rue Macabre (forward) by Tom Bradley Tom Bradley 6323
LETTER TO THE WORLD 3: BLOAT & FLOAT by Mark Sargent Mark Sargent 6133
Bill Heine: the Legend, for Real (1929-2012) Jerome Poynton 6129
Could I Be A Cannibal-in-Training? David Berrigan 5743
Ted's Music by David Berrigan David Berrigan 5659
EXTRA! An unknown text by Urmuz! In Search of Urmuz by Florina Kostulias Florina Kostulias 7654
Tom Bradley's new future scenarios Tom Bradley 6133
Eddie Woods Interviewed Michalis Limnios 6090
The Wire by Simone Ellis Simone Ellis 5881
The Gratuitous Trashing of a Literary Giant Einar Moos 7329
Bernadette Mayer's Fabulousness in the Eyes of the Faithful Bill DeNoyelles 8421
Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy & Ideology in Avatar by Max Cafard Max Cafard 15900
Basil King at 75 Tom Patterson 12946
Andrei Oisteanu: NARCOTICS AND HALLUCINOGENS Andrei Oisteanu 10208
Andrei Oisteanu: Jews, Christians and Muslims Andrei Oisteanu 8704
Peoples? Weird Shit Namely Mine Susan Connell 8642
Museum Women Polly Frost 9889
Mother Tongue: a moving account of interlingual farrago from a mother who wants smart children Judith Hertog 9880
Twitter Iran : Twitter America Brian P. Hall 9077
top de topless, a latEnt manifesto Calin Andrei-Mihailescu 13707
Salmon Rushdie: from The Corpse Cookbook: recipe by jj phillips jj phillips 9544
PERCEPTION Eddie Woods 16771
Eden vs. Eden Brook Wilensky-Lanford 10685
Thomas Laird's Meditation of the Corpse Thomas Laird 9547
Hariette Surovell's Long Epic Fight with the Faceless Monster Verizon Hariette Surovell 10758
DISPATCHES FROM THE FACEBOOK FRONTLINE: The story of Jeff Spikhersbrokken and the right Arthur Gray Dylan Brody 12516
Inventing the Jew by Andrei Oisteanu Eds 10362
CORPOREAL ORDER by Chris Martin Chris Martin 11112
Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0 Library Vixen 11620
When You Don't Know Who's Listening: from David Dixon's Days of Napster files David Dixon 14300
Brutto Mostro Cattivo! Jim Lopez 12577
American Dementia: Castro?s Kitchen Jim Lopez 10920
True Confessions: Pen Hackin? Slacker Jim Lopez 11484
LANGUAGE OF WAR AND PEACE, A Response to 9/11 the archives of Big Bridge 11453
Friendship: The Brain (Of a Fascist) & The Heart (Of a Jew): Mircea Eliade & Mihail Sebastian Andrei Oisteanu 15285
The Brazilian Marcus Bales 12414
The Glass Womb Scott Hughes 11470
The Florida Test Kevin Ducey 10879
Exceptionalist Manifesto Vincent A. Cellucci 34353
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