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tearing the rag off the bush again
How To Roller Disco PDF E-mail


In the event as a beginner
(possible) and fall correctly.
Don't stiffen your natural
floor or ground.
In my cases,
as you know,
stiffen up at least slightly.
If you do lose
a baby or a young child
many times, the fear of falling
is able to take your backside,
body, reason, possible with your hands
strong enough on your backside.


you your palms, your fingers
the floor immediately

coming up painful
skating backwards
your skate
the position
the key
your hand erect
to turn


Lower your center likelihood and faster if the streets.
Your right fast slide from gravity and the like.
Negotiating very slippery you can maintain negotiate and stride
not ever crossing over and grown
your weight
your body
your turn
most rinks
most often and leaving
as you come and transfer
step over 57 each time automatically.
You will the next stride.


Backwards start your backwards
from the T in cross it.
Lift. Lean into your left leg
(as always)
used to time and space a pivot,
a moderate pace,
and come to.

Bounce without
friend on the lean
or step, the left to put.

To right, simply and right
with the exact opposite
front-to-back beat.
Whenever you remember,
do not lunge.


a partner or a chain
occur about halfway
starting your right foot
Stride a partner of dancers.
Music your left foot around.
your weight facing ahead
from the sweep,
the same manner,
the half-best are parallel
when you feet around
(meters) of room
This is a great way.
(Illus. 78) slide it
backwards or forward
and replace your left foot.


You have to keep
The sensation to develop
And training a couple of inches
Individual, duo or line
Head erect
Bounce, and as your right knee
Your right foot down
Light-heartedness still

This is a very flashy
Couples exclusively
With no trouble
The hem of a dress
Can be disastrous
Without much warning
Trailing clothing or jewelry

A routine very easily
Hold hands
To start spinning
Slowly out
And stand with
And pivot momentum
The opposite dizzying
Alternate bending
Good judgment

Used to add flair
From high speeds
While traveling your wheels
A "Hockey Stop"
For one beat you should be
A dime, complete
As it comes both feet
Until you stop
Conditioning of muscles

Stride out and drag
Almost touching possible
The other method
Adds an extra step
With your weight
Your right foot, your weight
Then let your weight
To achieve the Spread Eagle
The following changes
Simultaneously with coming
Facing away with practice

Because of opening and closing
Part of a duo
And good balance
One foot (12 inches)
Off the floor
With the floor
Keep in mind you will probably
Pick up your feet
And close together
And more control

Crouch down
At least 4 inches (10 cm)
You are in a sitting
As you reach
The front or sides
Arm should be
If you are
It will become
It may the Can Opener
And your left leg and foot
Upbeat leg bent
Ward with toes
Do not stop
And heel parallel
To stand
Assuming a ìSpread Eagleî
With your position

To add flair and/or punctuate
Your right foot
Come down
Step downward
ìcrack crackî
are hip jumps
note this
there is no scissors

There is one
It can
(by jump-
be followed you are 360 degrees
as you stride
your left calf muscle
as if you were
your left foot
as you uncoil
(Do not jump
at least lose
your projected
high as you want
on the downbeat
vice versa
the above instructions
or the jump turn
and confidence

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