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tearing the rag off the bush again
It's Not the End of the World! Three Works PDF E-mail

The End of the World ...

An “Involuntary collaboration” with Ferdinand Pessoa)

A street blocked off to all thought
Today, tomorrow & forever

With love spreading dankness on the walls and white hair on heads
I thoughtlessly cross the street looking straight ahead forgetting --

Speeding traffic is not a thought. I am thinking of my penis.

Today rundown, run over as if the truth had seized me
’m clear headed, as if I were going to die

It’s confusing thinking about my penis.
Surely it would be amusing

If it were not my penis.

Surely it would be amusing if I did not live in a house
On a street blocked off to all thought but this --

I’m leaving --

Having barely enough brotherly love for my friends to say goodbye,
As this house and this whole side of the street

Become a train sixteen coaches long with a whistle shrieking goodbye.

From inside my head I remember talking with people about my penis --
Once so long, wide, and rock hard. The Rock Island line was named

After my penis.

Today I’m mixed up, like someone who thought something, grasped it,
Then lost it.

Today I talked to trained professionals about my penis.

The last one said, “Oh David, it’s not the end of the world!”

They say this to me!

I, who have dreamt more dreams than Napoleon ever did!
I, who have taken to my so-called heart more humanity than Christ ever did!
I, who have secretly thought up more philosophies than Kant ever did --

“It’s not the end of the world!”

This in all certainty defies my thinking.
If the world is not my penis is not my penis at least a continent!

Is the South Pole not a continent?

Oh, let Nature pour down her sun, rain, and wind
Upon my hot penis -- my world -- the one I can’t stop thinking of --

Let it come if it must or not at all --
Is not my penis the equal of King Lear?

Oh, people of the world relax!
Come let us join hands and walk together

On this street where I can think of nothing but you!

I’m about to write this story to prove we’re sublime --

May I call you penis?

Net Worth

There’s a little time left before I have to get out of bed

& face the day, so I lie there waking up, thinking through the things

I have to do; it’s almost December, it’s chilly, & I’m cupping my fingers

Over my penis, holding my balls, squeezing, rubbing more than stroking

More a warming, comforting gesture than sexual though I do

Think of you, among the things I’d like to do

Today -- “DO you” -- what an awful expression! Like what? A good job?

A favor? Ugh! I want slow, amorous, intense sex with your long

Orgasms, but you’re out of town, so there’s nothing I can do about that

Even if you wanted to, too, so I keep holding myself thinking through the day --

“Myself” as if my penis & balls were “myself”? Well, pretty much, but

What if I had gone to Harvard Law school, & was a senior partner

In Putney, Adams, Brown, & Franks? You wouldn’t think

Of my net worth in terms of my balls & penis then -- no, not at all, for

I’d have a Corporate jet with all the trappings. Of course then

I’d have no time for you because I’d be flying all around the world

Raising capital for my corporation, waking up in the morning in

The Executive suites of five star hotels, or maybe even seven stars like the

"Burj al Arab" in Dubai -- just like my partners, & dear friends. Putney, Adams, & Brown are

Flying in their Corporate jets all over the world, as we speak, waking up in the morning in

These Executive suites, lonely men, with room service & wireless in

King size beds, cupping their penis & balls, chilly --

thinking of their net worth

Personal Problems ...

Imla Street, 300 Block, March 1, 9 p.m. A woman
told police that her sister's boyfriend broke into her home
and took her pet chinchilla. He called later and told her,
"(Woman), if you ever want to see your chinchilla alive,
you'll meet me at my house." Police will follow up.

Fagley Street, 600 Block, March 6 5:30 p.m. A man
and woman argued. After the man struck the woman
in the face with a feather duster, he threw her to the ground, tried to choke her
and then threatened to kill her if she left the house with their son. He was arrested and

Linwood Avenue, unit Block, March 7, 6:45 p.m. A teenager told police
that two suspects, known to her only as “Diddy” and “Doo-Doo” had stabbed
her while she was in the park.

Eastern Avenue, 1900 Block, March 10, 10 p.m. A man was arrested after he
attacked his live-in girlfriend. According to the woman, the two had argued about
her not cooking dinner and him cheating.

N.Ellwood Avenue, unit Block, March 12, 11 p.m. A woman told police that
she was leaving the house after a fight with her boyfriend when he
became violent, choked her, and spit in her face. He also threw her to
the ground where she received a rug burn.

S. Curley Street, 600 Block, March 15, 9:30 p.m. A man told police
that his girlfriend came at him with a knife, forcing him to defend himself with a sofa cushion. She was arrested. The man told police the two had discussed breaking up
and that she had not taken it well.

S Rose Street 600 Block, March 22, 4:30 p.m. A woman
told police that a man who lived with her had come home in a fit of rage and assaulted her knocking out her teeth. He had also stomped on her glasses, and then fled. When police approached him and asked what had happened, he responded, "I didn't do it,
the floor did." He was arrrested.

N.Curley Street, 600 Block, March 23, 5:50 a.m. A man and woman argued,
and the man burned the woman with a cigarette, then began to punch and kick
her. Police located the man and asked him if he had done such a thing, and he
stated that he had, and that she had deserved everything.

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