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tearing the rag off the bush again
Evil Nature (5) PDF E-mail
The head finally wad(dl)es through

As if written by

“bird on a wing” billowing (as the scene dissolves into chaos) i brandish my tear

& fling my head

to the stammer of my time in space

my ion in space

lion /

loin in space

or that’s what (I like) to call …

a high definition loincloth birds (threats)

high resolution slipping (sipping) behind thoughts never stop

potentially inconvenient misty aquarium will soon


restless formless fill me with your (bombs) insomnia

lynch revival must bear the responsibility (primarily)


we are entitled to

. . . to actually translate them

their entitlements & overconsumption of bombs or

technical words toe-tapping dictatorships prematurely (ri)bald

twice or once assisted suicide squirting confusion (chaos)

a supposed murder supposed suicide supposed alleged

plan wanting sugarless music that salvaged emotional salvage balm

(bomb) so much adorable A/mer/i/can folk/lore (failure)

all I can do is sit try to force my way out of this abyss/mess

abysmal miss I rush to miss (missal / missile) I grow

fat on hamburgers (don’t you see I) am trying (hard) not to wake you up or float In a river of

bodies I say “that’s great”! (but think otherwise)


… luckily she died

I found their bones & kept them close . . . I’m the only one who lived

Long enough to tell you

It proved difficult

To identify the bodies (as people near the center were instantly vaporized) this

specifies my unconditional surrender (=the dawn of peace)

To demystify (myself) sabotage (myself) in an airless asian city with

No map surrounded by empty warehouses she a landscape I only a tree

so much worthless ad/vice I think I have a pinched nerd running

in the make-believe rain

Down my righteous arm (so much) (time) (to kill )

"cut the blue sky into shards" to make a hollow racket cannot be tragic...
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