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tearing the rag off the bush again
from "Surveillance" PDF E-mail

leading to that book
significant hold it
but putting it aside
its solid black back forget me
jitter is
falling and hitting my head
plaid actually that home-age
droops at her call arenst thou
like in an old bookish movie
purr rumble that goes on forever
my ankle wish at dancing
mops latterly but partial to riots
I like you alright me guess
me like you airtight

formoids that indispose themselves on the flouwp

he gave him

sack cloth to staunch and or clench gasp die and get
over it quick whatever it was

fa la la la that sort of thing until a spike of strings

you left something the other night echoes layout

beat with a chain
in dust claim toward real
but regressed to large hall
way that going is progress
using multiple cords
lap ran of the option like
when the franchise intrudes
in french eyes screw it
for the mile mumble off
pair of tracts ez
this plays else previewed
sum munch special moments
pelt me river dawn brightly
here with big mouths
answer tea tiger and thong
pulse thru nobvious one'd
hope toke pass the soap
stoked nope fake blokes or faux
shout it loud out loud it shourt
you know the voice says
you know enough to drive
like little Veruca

forcing hint prowler modern lift
me up into this receptacle pour
ire on brakes not stand down loss
if morbid when you lap at it flooding
the street from a gash this kind is
my crime that all that i could "say"
i wrote before so this is stuck
a fly in the mascara
filter the gaze thru mercury
deliver flowers to the name
circle the instant when you knew
our guesses make for bone tired stomps
last laugh brigade at your abbreviation
where you stop, condensed by a few attributes
in common agreement to overlook the lack that defines
carrier wave resonance is a sham sometimes too

what is the world where fitting fits
cupped with spent hopeful
where before was pulling away
geiger toss oldies station
toxic spill spent holiday
gimme mo nocturne
each step took days, each
term captured
thing eludes
oily mess
cotton hold
to considerance if pressed
or crammed yank a bloody nose is. but it would be
a picture after all. this
w/ tiny notes for worry to
polish a tarnished score
crust edge the eye a river of scabsumers, the constant con
necked I've placement if we must
interpellate me now or i'll shoot
degeneticized lines into your torso
that start earlier and expire
saddled live action grunts

i blame no one but all of you
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