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tearing the rag off the bush again
from "Ready To Eat Individual" PDF E-mail




this spring at Jazzfest
He exists now only
on film Marsalis
hums into a kiss goodbye
for a torn city’s friend
felled by that terrorist
cancer Indy documentarian
Brad Will is gone
murdered by scum
in Oaxaca The Lower East Side
has an empty space a force of
deliverance makes room for
another commercial Justice
is rarely done in death

So what I’m a fact junkie but

I truly jones for the unquantifiable
I still miss journalism
whenever the news is on

tiz awning—

Rats and fire all up
in my port-able FEMA bunker
(it’s getting
                   small in here)
Do I have to? Must I?

Learn a new not-there neighbor
hood, I brake for muffs,
and Uncle Clean mans the pop
of some outré fortune corn –
St. Mary of the Angels
hippie honeycomb hideout-meat
is all these Africans will know
of white people – Great White

bikemakers. Destiny walks waves
thru delicious bullshit
talk— what happened over there

is subconsciously rocking TB’s
birthday : porch honk, bar
barding, beer belly dancing
Endymion homage &

lesbian burger reprisals
(I feel truffle flannel).
What happened over Pal’s
by the console splashing

lighting is a girl
+ jukebox wedgie : and how
did it affect
your setlist?
My mama your mama what
color was the brood?
Shape of Dome mothership ex
haust and okra for the horse

to keep at bay Bill Jeff
erson action fig. in Nosfera-
tutu bangs out a Gus
Ferrote – Hey Voters

                   why not
                   have this
                   thick dick
                   on a stick

jiffy pop really is
a gyp, no apple
for the mule no
tar playa round here.

                   MY OTHER CAR IS A MARTYR

a flood car
a Toyota – it served
me well
at the bottom
forensically speaking in tongues
must we fill in new dent. forms
of this city cavity? Must we
houseband in Hell

like it’s August twenty-nine?
Ducks tuft huddle bright
white popcorn by the park now
then it was good and scary –

like, Earthwind & Firewater
like, Cheater’s color man
like, consecutive super bowl
losses since before Christ

was the mood in that dome –
bird flying around,
never going home. Hola
Peruvian movie &

                   BLIMPS NOT BOMBS

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