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tearing the rag off the bush again
The Library Beat PDF E-mail
Strange doings in a Wisconsin library! Our reporter investigates. THE LIBRARY BEAT
Special to the Corpse from Right Here in River City, Wisconsin
an occasional series by Rochelle Hartman

# About a week ago, a patron rushed by to say she had just thrown up on the computer. It took me awhile to process that because it's not every day that you hear "throw up" and "computer" in same sentence. Reality kicked in, so coworker and I grabbed towels, and mopped up major chunks. The gal hit the monitor, the cpu, the keyboard AND the back wall of the carrell.  I grabbed her books and keys and met her in the bathroom, asking if I could call someone and if she was okay.  "You mean I can't get back on the computer?"   Me: "Um, well, if you're sick, you need to leave the building."  "Oh, I'm just pregnant."  Dumbfounded, I just handed her her books and walked away, resisting the urge to say "Sweet jeezus, please tell me you are not reproducing."  Ten minutes later she comes back up to the desk and is wiping her hands on her shirt. "Ick, I got it all over me."  Me, in my head: "Yes. Exactly. Go home."  What she really wanted was her SS disability package printed out so she could get her stimulus payment.

# A few days after that, a California library friend IMed me to say she had just found a crack pipe tucked into a paperback western.

# And, a pub lib friend in S.Carolina said they found a couple having sex in the stacks for the 2nd time in recent weeks.
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