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tearing the rag off the bush again
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El Leon de la Sierra (Spanish)
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De Monterrey a linares
salieron una manana
un grupo de federales
en busca de hierba mala.
Se hallaba entre la sierra
tambien el que la sembraba!

Quando llegaron al punto
a un rancho (en) la madrugada
le preguntaban a un viejito
donde se encuentra barrera
"Que lo venimos buscando,
que nos entregue la hierba."

El viejito le contesta,
"No se de lo que se trata,
yo soy un ranchero bueno
nacido aya en la pataca.
Barrera se encuentra arriba
y ni con perro lo baja."

Se escucharon los aullidos
de tosas (todas?) las fieras salvajes
el jefe les dice a todos,
"Yo matare al que se raje,
me de llevar a barrera
no me importa lo que pase!"

Aya por la madrugada
cuando el sueno los vencio
cayeron todos dormidos
barrera los ataco
matando a uno por uno
y con hierba los tapo

Murieron los federales
con las manos de una fiera
alla por los matorrales
donde se encuentra barrera,
todavia sigue siendo
valiente leon de la sierra!!

El Leon de la Sierra (English)
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The Federales marched forth
from Monterrey morning early
one morning early they marched forth
looking around for some good weed
searching 'mong all the mountains
and for the guy who sowed the seed.
So next day, in the Sierra,
a ranch, early the morning,
that's where they ask of an old guy
"Where do we meet this Barrera
for it's him we're looking for, aye,
who's going to give us his hierba."

So the old guy he answers
i don't know what you're about
i'm just an old country boy
born here right on the ranchlands.
Barrera, he's just up ahead
dogs like you...never stop him!

They hear the cries all around them
cries of the night savage beasts
the boss, he speaks to his troopers
I kill any man who retreats!
Get me this guy Barrerahhhh
I don't care how he gets de-ceased

Now when it's ever so early
now when sleep conquers all
now when they've fallen asleep
Barrera attacks and they fall
Killing them each one by one
they cover the grass oh what fun!

Died they dumb federales
died at the hands of a beast
Too bad for all those got slaughtered
With Barrera no peace!
Always follow Barrerahhh!!!
Lion so brave of Sierra!!
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