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tearing the rag off the bush again
Miss Manners Should Have it So Good PDF E-mail
Hey, Corpse:

Think you might bust me out of the land of the empty handed, as ill luck has rendered me a captive, not unlike Mihaly Szilagy, and breath a breathe into the Valley of Dry Bones.  Earnings in the kingdom have rendered credit unto slavery.  A couple of Hollywood Producers asked me if I would be on a reality T.V. Show called Rehab Island.  They wanted me to be the token alcoholic on the show.  I asked them if there would be booze on the Island.  They said no.  "Then why the hell would I want to be on the show?" I asked.  They told me I did not get the point.  I told them I am faced with a choice of character every day and my addiction would not render me free by a simple six month abstinence.  It was obvious that we parted ways and yet I remain searching for a home in the tranquil tragedies of the Danubian plains, where history lives off the sweat  of others.

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