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Video Corpse in Sweden: Submit! PDF E-mail
NonStopVideoArt and The Exquisite Corpse Video Project
at Formverk, Sweden
World Wide Opening
June 4, 17.00 GMT

An initiative by Formverk, that twice a year makes
a show with international video art.
We invite video-artists and video-creators to
participate in the event.

During Spring 2008 Formverk made an invitation
to video-artists all over the world, and we got answers
from a lot of authers in different countries.

We have made a selection, and choose seven
video artists, represented with nine works.
Formverk has put together a 40-minutes show
looping on a wall projection.

The selected works are highly individual with
different expressions, and the artists use the
possibilities of the technique in variuos ways.

A totally new video project, instigated by Kika Nicolela,
video-artist from Brazil.
Artists from USA, India, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark,
South Africa, Norway, Germany and Sweden participates.
The project has been realized in two weeks only
and three different video works have been done.

Inspired by the Surrealist invention, the "Exquisite Corpse", a method of sequential, collaborative
image production, these video shorts were composed over a period of two weeks
by 14 artists from 9 countries.

In the Surrealist 'game', a paper is folded such that each contributor sees only a small portion
of the previous contributor's work, and begins his own work from that small portion.
When the last participant is finished, the sheet is unfolded to reveal a strangely divergent,
yet contiguous form or figure.

These video versions were created by members of, an online networking
site for artists, galleries and collectors, and was managed by Brazilian video-artist, Kika Nicolela.

They were composed in the following manner:
the final ten-seconds of an initial one-minute video is sent online to a second participant,
who then integrates it into the beginning of her own minute-long video, and she, in turn,
sends her final-ten-seconds to a third contributor, and so on, until the collected minutes
are 'stitched' together in their order, creating a single piece.

While the Surrealists are said to have created the method almost a century ago, only recently
could such a fast-paced, pan-global, audiovisual variation of this exercise be produced.

Whereas the end product is the medium by which this method can be shared with an
audience, it is the inspiring process of sharing and exchange between and among
'strangers' from around the world that illuminates and celebrates the possibilities
and potentials of globalized, collective creativity.

written by Marty McCutcheon
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