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tearing the rag off the bush again
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10. Nam June Paik (1932‐2006)

01: Nam June Paik ? Zen For Films (1962‐64)

uncorrupted metaphysical screen

white on black

rectangle inside a rectangle


the screen is a screen

the screen reproduced

on the same screen

Derek Jarman?s Blue is spoken

you can see his life unfolding

his visual voice leading

the nostalgic thickness of cobalt blue

Nam June Paik?s lack of soundtrack

freezes in


an imploded Zen

forced faked effaced

Kitasono Katue?s ? Monotonous Space?

breaks its fixed pattern with other colors

his monotonous offers an emotional quality

Paik?s soundless stillness is stoic even brilliant rhetoric from regret

to a callback of neglect lack of glee tight in its lack of weight

white etched in black stuck in eternal glitch caught

in the net a tent clinging in vortical twirls

blinding glitter blurring lines

a nit without whirr in

nature a twig

in ether a




11. Joseph Beuys (12. Mai 1921 in Krefeld; ? 23. Januar 1986 in D?sseldorf)

Filz TV

10?, (1970)

Sonne statt Reagan

1? 57??, (1982)

To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom.

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys &

his charisma


his gray suit his indistinguishable hat

boxing with a television singing

with the Disserteure

rewriting his


awakening from


after his


not everybody was a Beuys _he died

too soon _as children of his

generation we mourn

him _beloved


man beyond death a screen covered with felt

feeding walls caressing wolfs talking

to hares honey as Steiner

said, the perfect


of bees

wars & blood looming from in‐between our eyes

our tongues rolled like sausages into slots

meanwhile we?re a constricted

social structure suffocated

in a transparent


where is the Sonne? You want the Sonne?

which the deviating patterns?

when giving for granted

ingenuity survives

animals teach

we should


7000 oak project for Kassel

give Germany some

oxygen : 5 years

to complete

start 1982



garden our social organism

has not become a work

of art _just thieves /

yuppies left

on our


dreamless arid



Like the piano

cover it up!

In the 1970s Beuys created the Theory of Social Sculpture:

?My objects are to be seen as stimulants for the transformation of the idea of sculpture. . . or of art in general. They should provoke thoughts about what sculpture can be and how the concept of sculpting can be extended to the invisible materials used by everyone. THINKING FORMS?how we mold our thoughts or SPOKEN FORMS?how we shape our thoughts into words or SOCIAL SCULPTURE?how we mold and shape the world in which we live: SCULPTURE AS AN EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS; EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST. That is why the nature of my sculpture is not fixed and finished, processes continue in most of them: chemical reactions, fermentations, color changes, decay, drying up. Everything is in a state of change.?

Joseph Beuys

12. Terry Fox

Children's Tapes 1974, 30 min, b&w, sound Produced by Art/Tapes/22

metaphorical work

in the attentive anticipation

of children:

the four elements

earth water fire air

a tomato

a toothpick

a lid

a fly

a candle

a spoon

a fork

a bowl

iron and wood

a match

a number of drops

square angles and five

pointed star or a snowflake

attracted by

the expected

the unexpected

objects animating to life

the one of physics

slow is the time

of precise actions

the sound

of daily movements

in the kitchen

around the house

the child comes back

to mind


directly again

a smile



beauty of the flame

in its dancing moving /

angry when on the wet candle

warm when on the dry one

warm the surrounding air


of melted wax

density of shaded white

hypnotic light

precious hues of grey

round the pouring of water

taming the flame


are simple gestures

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