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tearing the rag off the bush again
& Rats Dance PDF E-mail
 weep for marbled red
     weep for ivory
                    weep for eleph/ants/

 have red accordion   p|ain meta|  harmonica
                 and nothing    note

   on dusty shelf  by banned books  (more dust
 behind glass soldiers crashed seeking

     reeds cur| like /in/test/ines
but-tons  keys  /scat/tered teeth & casing bones

 weep for marbled red
     weep for ivory
                    weep for eleph/ants/
 weep for demons cannot sing
   with bless/e\d angels & their ( )harps
After Dirty War
Do you think I wanted to hear you  grandma
No              No              No
Do you think I wanted to be born   under concrete walls
                                  in detention center
No              No              No
                                       mother  father
Do you think I wanted to learn
                                you were my jailers
No              No              No
Do you think I wanted to know
                               mother  father
             their jailers gave me
       to call you mother  father
No              No              No
and now I stand by  five hundred of me
and yes  our grandmothers  yes  until we all are found
No?              No?              No?
Click ` Hear

Listen man     with blood hanging from blue lips
    world doesn't care about you
World signs trade pacts
                        more crates for crates
                              than feet & hands
    more words than put in sen(ten)ces

Listen woman     you were raped
    world doesn't care
                        but /but/ton your shirt
   you'll be     dirty footnote      he achieves

Listen kid     Life isn't fair
learn    obey    & you'll succeed in
Come[an]t ` Grip

           nucleus is frozen ` beautiful ` but frozen ` even in orbit ` must turn frozen ` beautiful & brilliant
brighter than you & me & all of us ` & them 'n us ` but you and I are sometimes lost ` can't follow her `     
       nucleus ` may only gain outside ` margin of fame ` to insulate ` nucleus   of nucleus ` and forceful burrow in ` centuries maintain ` the dominant ```

                                                                               in orbit
don't want to tail
don't want to fail `
                               gravity ` attraction solves `` for us

   water  |et me hear your light
   sent back through g|ass
   except for silver  sometimes go|d
   you kept o kept
                    through so many names
            in just one bow|

          you do not rub your bones
   like fish in quest of mates between
                         sunken subway poles
or tick bubbles from your ass
with herr-in\g\

                I never see those fish
  and did not see your screamin\g\
  on my kitchen counter  for-get-tin\g\
  you swam around same five seconds
   didn't even have a stove
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