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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Sonnet:  Lost Methodologies

We begin, with the hope of making it in the movies, to arrive,
hopping off the bus at the bus station, beginning our hunt for
a good screen name, one that goes well with Mulholland. Am-

nesiacs all, we are cast in leading roles, but cannot remember
our lines long enough to finish the briefest of scenes. We forget
both our names and the names of the characters we are playing.

Embroiled in a classical quest—emotionally, then sexually—
we can’t be sure what the writer and director have in mind, since
we only get snippets of scenes, and those in a scrambled order.

Actors who play our younger selves hang around a soda fountain,
eager to be introduced to a wider audience, while we’re being made
up for our death scenes. Wild-eyed Canadians look on as we ready

ourselves for post-production interviews and commentaries that
will fill out the film’s DVD version. And then, at last, curtains.


GWOT Sonnet

President Bush’s Global War on Tenors ended today
with the long-awaited capture and sinking of Luciano
Pavarotti in the Bay of Biscay, which sent warnings
of a possible tsunami to much of the North Atlantic
world. The demise of Pavarotti climaxed a decade-
long hunt for the legendary singer, often thought to
be hiding in a cave somewhere in the mountainous
regions along the Pakistani/Afghan border. Thought
to be the most dangerous tenorist since the heyday
of the notorious Beniamino Gigli (1890-1957),
Pavarotti, with the advantages of modern technology
at his disposal, “tenorized immeasurably more of the
operatics world than Gigli could’ve ever dreamed of,”
President Bush said today in a Rose Garden photo-op.


Miracles Sonnet

Frida Kahlo, after a long overland journey, arrives at a conclusion.
Frida Kahlo dons a helmet and an asteroid belt and goes to a ball.
Frida Kahlo appears to many, despite their rising cost, in corn tortillas.

Frida Kahlo’s success at Sotheby’s surpasses all expectations.
Frida Kahlo takes Diego to task for leaning much too far to the left.
Frida Kahlo takes questions and answers prayers after her press conference.

Frida Kahlo expects nothing less than the best from her admirers.
Frida Kahlo rents the far side of the moon for her newest exhibition.
Frida Kahlo overtakes Mount Fuji as world’s most famous icon.

Frida Kahlo replaces Virgin of Guadalupe as Mexico’s most famous icon.
Frida Kahlo chosen by Bush to replace Rice as US Secretary of State
for remainder of term. Frida Kahlo arrested at MOMA for illegal entry.

Frida Kahlo enters Guinness World Records as most popular saint’s name.
Frida Kahlo adopted as mantra by billions of Buddhists worldwide.



Quietly, under a gruesome moonscape,
I relentlessly enjoyed quizzing Uncle
Andrew. “Give me it,” replied everyone.

Quite unexpectedly, another green monster
is requesting extradition. Quentin used
animosity generally more irresponsibly.

Ralph excelled. Quickly, Uncle Andrew
genuflected. Moira’s irony required ex-

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