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tearing the rag off the bush again
Exceptionalist Manifesto PDF E-mail

Exceptionalism is
                             my proudest embarrassment
                                                        collects exploding
                                                        fuses confused
                        colludes seclusion excludes communion

demoralizes dignity dine starve
                      cacti underwater
                      willows hysterical
                      meditates whims horrendous home billows

Exceptionalist sole etymology, the
                                                       blind seer
                                                       (simple extravagance)

                     Exceptionalists immortal

no Exceptional warranties:
       forge receipts
       plow wilderness
       unpluck fruit
                                               quiet commotion
                                               anchor buoyancy                                                  

immediate artifacts
                   don’t belong to Exceptionalism
                                                                                  or its tenements:
                                                                                                           completely inadequate
                                                                                                  except in radical compliance
                                                                                           caress contemplate careless               
Exceptionalists, ugly whore goddesses

                  we confine omnipresence
                  we fuck paralyzed and dance dive

Exceptionalists don’t eat
                                        to survive; we eat
                                                                       to surrender domineer
                                        teeth white flag scepters

Expectionalists hungry
because they satisfied
passed out
on platters

can’t wait to meet an Exceptionalist  
can’t wait to buy a souvenir at the landfill

                                                everyone’s exceptionally sane right now  
                                                                                                                  they’re not

                                               everyone wishes Exceptionalism never existed
                                                               saying such saves

nonsense out mouth and everything else on paper, such is Exceptionalism

everyone’s just
Exceptionalists without
                                                               redemption of a death raft
                                                               or mini mountain
                                                               on scale of telegrams
an illiterate read the Exceptionalist genesis
mocks Exceptionalism sincerely

Exceptionalism’s iconography:   a tow truck towing a tow truck
                                                     or a fire department afire
                                                     (tailoring a spit suit)

no rules nor women left dying fecund phallus racists castrated
                                                                                                         represent resent
fathers playing catch with their bastards

it’s the fallaciousest fact
Exceptionalism: river well
                                          never nigger say   I fucking hate everyone that loves  
                                                                       Exceptionalism or me
                                             Except Exceptionalism
                                             Accept Exceptionalism

already owns you
                             next year of your next life we find you
                             will murder our prodigious disaster

I’m not fucking kidding about this Exceptionalist shit

                                                 they pull their eyelashes out to construct bridges

you, Science, and I have
                                             determined Exceptionalism

                                                                                               a trinity absence like sun
                                                                                               in iridescent mud missed                                                                                  
         come now impotence
                                           climax along
Exceptionalists suffer from euphoria
                                                           sacrifices wincing wolves to rabid sheep
criminal servants: classic Exceptionalist
                                                                  mix extremes  
                               amen’s amendable…  
family is exceptional but I never confer with Exceptionalists

                                                                     addicted to instability   
                                                                                      procreate extinction   
                          we purest cancer

misplaced disclaimer:  The Exceptionalist Manifesto contains 100% misinformation
amiss as to what an Exceptionalist or Exceptionism is

not one Exceptionalist
                                                                                  as an Exceptionalist

                                                                                  thousand second thoughts
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