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tearing the rag off the bush again
Water on Water PDF E-mail

This three-word poem was installed on a small lake directly in front of the library at the University of North Florida.  Taking months of planning and eight full hours of hard labor on April 7 (with a kayak and a crew of six), the letters of the poem were made of a heavy industrial plastic, carefully cut out (each letter approximately seven feet tall) and attached with clothes pins onto four strands of twine that had been strung across the lake.  The running joke was that this was a three word poem that would take three months to write, with a kayak (rather than a pen or pencil) as a key implement of its writing.
            On the stairwell of the library, one could listen to people reciting it quietly to themselves as they climbed the stairs, or as they stopped and looked from various levels of the building.  But mostly, the poem sat silently out on the water (on water), each day seeming to sink a bit further beneath the lake’s calm surface.
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