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In the heart of Costa Rica's magnificent nature, a unique project is being established -- "Art and Nature",  a global artists' village, based on the principles of "eco-living" and  founded by the international artist Avi Feiler. The village is the jewel in the crown of the prestigious Turubari Heights project

On March 31, 2008, in the Turrubares region of Costa Rica, the cornerstone of the Turubari Heights project was laid with the participation of the Prime Minister of Costa Rica, Mr. Roderigo Arias. Turubari Heights is a prestigious project embodying the spirit of "eco-living" and based on the principle of quality of life in a green environment, harmoniously integrated with nature.  The project integrates tourism, hotels, commerce, recreation, arts and residences. At the heart of the project is the ecological artists' village led by the international artist Avi Feiler.

Two international architects have been appointed to plan the project: Jose Flasterstien from Costa Rica and Moshe Shtartzer of Israel. The project is under the ownership of international entrepreneurs.

The Art and Nature Artists Village will be established on an extensive, spacious area of 200,000 sqm on the banks of the Tarcules River, immersed in wild nature and a landscape of Costa Rica's nature reserves. The village will be open to artists from the fields of painting and sculpture, writing, music and other artistic areas. The village will grant its guest artists the quiet, the atmosphere and ideal conditions to create. The village, which will also serve as an international center for hosting artists, has been planned in such a way that it can provide all the needs of the artists at the site: from livelihood to creativity. Creative areas will be established here within open and closed studios dispersed throughout nature along with high standard guest rooms   furnished for long periods of residence. Among the rooms, beautiful nooks will be developed with organic  fruit and vegetable gardens and interspersed with galleries, open and closed,  that will display and sell the creative works of the guests and residents of the village.

Another part of the artists' village is intended for artists interested in building their home and future here in order to play a part in realizing a vision of establishing an international artists' village in nature and in the spirit of "eco-living". This integration of artists from various areas will create a varied and multi-cultural community that will lead to personal and group growth. Construction of the artists' village is expected to begin within the year. The flagship project of the Art and Nature Artists Village is the art school for gifted children which will be established as part of the outlook of the entrepreneurs who attribute the highest importance to socially contributing to the community. Artists who will visit the village or who will be permanently residing there will be invited to give courses and workshops for the children.

Avi Feiler was born in Yafo in 1949 and began to paint from childhood. Over the years he has developed unique oil painting techniques. Feiler has been described in the media as "one of the important artists of the modern era and Fantastic Art."  He has displayed his work at many esteemed and well-known galleries throughout the world. His works are to be found in major collections.

Down through the years, Feiler has lived and created in many countries around the world, among them: Israel, Japan, Kenya, India, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Bolivia and more. After years of creativity throughout the world, Feiler decided to transfer the center of his life and to settle in Costa Rica in order to establish his visionary project at  Turubari Heights.

Feiler: "After years of traveling among continents, cultures and between communities, teaching and learning,   I arrived at the conclusion that Costa Rica embodies the garden that I have sought down through the years to plant the seed of my vision of an artists' village, green and global in nature. Costa Rica – breathtaking nature, democratic rule, stable, without an army, warm people, a calm and quiet lifestyle, one of the best climates in the world and economic opportunities among the best in the global market today. All these,  together with a quiet life amid an astonishing nature, creates a natural space for the springs of creativity to flow. Not as therapy in the framework of western urban life, but in harmony and in the joy of creation with life and nature.

The Turubari  Heights project in Costa Rica, Central America, is located in the center of the country on the main highway between the cities of Orotina and Puriscal, an hour's drive (about 65 km) from the capital city, San Jose, and the international airport. This distance will be shortened by some thirty minutes with the completion of a highway crossing Costa Rica. The work is well underway and the highway is scheduled for completion in 2010.

The project is located in the Turrubares region which is regarded as one of the most famous in the world for the excellent quality of its water and clean air. These conditions are the main reasons for its unique nature: rich tropical vegetation and the hundreds of different types of animals to be found here.

The Turubares region is approximately six km in a direct line from the Pacific Ocean. In this region there are unique tourist sites which take advantage of the nature here and are situated within it. These factors have  made Turubares into a  tourism pearl, a magnet drawing thousands of tourists every year who come to enjoy the climate, the nature and the tourist sites.
For further information, please contact Or Shtartzer – 972-52-3281054

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