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tearing the rag off the bush again
Nobel bozart bozos! PDF E-mail

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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 5:38 AM
Subject: noble Nobel should have gone to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," but how about Codrescu?

Dear commentators... Oct. 09, '08, radio news story'interviews on the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Oh come come now, how archaic ... you've got to be kidding (yourselves)!
Check this, yee old wise ones (er wise what??): "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical, naked, dragging themselves through the Negro streets at dawn, looking for an angry fix..." 
                             Beat that.
    Tell me that you don't hear the very conscious musical Beat in that line (by Allen Ginsberg). Be truthful, even if it is distasteful; to your bland English pallet, you must understand that this content truly makes Pynchon look like a stuffed shirt with no heart beating within? )btw, Pynchon is a Ginsberg bubble-gum fan, but of course you know that being the academic stuffed and stifled "writers" that you call yourselves.
    To be really truthful, just your accents alone make me want to file a protest.... followed by a sigh of relief that I do not have to read or hear your work! Frankly, you 21st Century Brits are always looking backwards for verification, so I'm not even sure that there are any 21st Century British Poets!  on your Radar... you my fellow scribblers are looking  into the rear-view mirror of life.... while the bread-pudding grows stale and so does the fire, the attrition leaking into your squeezed in, boxed in, repressed lives. don't lay that on us ... just because we were unfortunate enough to have a Bush for 8 years of election thief and war!
    And am I understanding this correctly, are you actually critiquing American writers... as a group, in a global world where English is the lingua lingua franca?  Oh my goodness, what a forgotten and frozen in its meaningless tracks your polish of the door knobs are, locking in and locking out all that is meaningful and good and filled with life in this global world.
    but I honestly feel sorry for you and all your kind. So, here it is ... jazz meter for you....that afore quoted.  first line of HOWL, by Allen Ginsberg (my old friend), published, 1959, City Lights Press :
ta'ta te da da ta da da da da te-da, da ta da tatada ta, tah ding, ta da de-da, da da da daa ding, da da da da, ta. ta tadada da da daaa. da daa. da dadeda da da da    da da. ta da da da ta t'da.
O' do yee hear that yee nobel men and women?
The jazz, the meaning, the Blake? your very own Blake no less... and I learned that te-da thing from the Beats themselves, esp. Gregory Corso, who also did not receive a much deserved Nobel Prize, but, no-fear, there are a few goodies still very much alive, who will and can move your soul... if you have one.... should you get down off your  worn Nationalistic war horse, and pay attention.
    Why not Andrei Codrescu? He's the naturalized American Romanian who can and does dance circles around  the Brits, the Americans, the French and the Romanians... just to name a few Nationalities since yr so damned into borders
    hey! BBC... here's a note from the underground, "Get hip Brits!!... it is about time...time for a  Nobel Nobel       Prize for a real poet, eh listeners?
ta de tat da tee da... and all yrs all the time
simone lazzeri ellis... one of them thar American poets!.

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