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tearing the rag off the bush again
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last call
for Vincent

This is as close as you can get
to the river without jumping off a bridge
said the river
said the boat
said the barge and the levee
in its bulging distance
said the kids just across
playing in the yard
said the far away stars in their eyes
said the sex in the marsh
said the bridge and its christmas
lights when night falls on its head
said hope for
said pray to
said resurrection and no please
said the dirty sheets on the bed
said like giant catfish said
sweet dreams.


The river said I love you
so I leapt off a bridge.


the sex in the marsh
the exceptional sex in the marsh
the sex on the levee
the talk about the sex on the levee
while sitting or having sex
on the levee or in the marsh   
the the
the knee deep in fish eggs
the caviar on the tongue
the pissing it all away
the farther you get
the bar closing
the last call
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