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tearing the rag off the bush again
Goodbye Andrew Wyeth PDF E-mail
Goodbye Andrew Wyeth,
Thanks for the crippled Girl
Crawling through the weeds
Etched on to our collective Jungian attic-
Why didn't you buy her a wheel chair,
You know you should have.
Thanks for all the naked pictures of Helga,
She was hot for a rural chick-
Did your wife know about this?
Thanks for not answering my letters
When I was a kid,
It's OK, I'm sure you were busy.
Picasso never answered me either
But he was probably too busy fucking.
Thanks Andrew, tho I liked your dad better,
Who can forget your pictures of dead deer
Hanging on the meat hooks?
Or the birds eye view of a red-tailed hawk
circling your farm?
Or your many neighbors drenched in loneliness
Staring into the void?
Not me.
Good bye my American painter,
Save me a seat, we'll talk later.
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