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tearing the rag off the bush again
Exceptionalist Womanifesto PDF E-mail
          Nothing drums

                                         like             suppressing it
                                                silence breathes
                                                shouts stone
                                                owns the sun
                                                settles eternity: the dust
                                                                                                spins an exception
              our faithless refine
                                                        corpses blocking keyholes
                                                                                                seven times
                                                           anger’s angels
                                                                                      pull hair--
       finger heaven
                                  p.s. infinity
                                  plugged with puddles
sky roots gnaw the bonds off Exceptional nourish--

how thou shalt not presume
                                     explain or concede

rain roof always
fire freezes
ice seethes 
disdain opensclose    credits
                                                     of man’s punyverse
                                                     A snap’s reign--
Tomorrow: Tinyguy, I founded
                                         therefore I eat
                                                                                                    Exceptionalists chew
                                                                                                    morsels of metamorphosis
                               lick lips
day after   nay night before
                                                                  work works
                                                                   play plays
                                         chaos arranges
                                         spittle exchanges      Exceptionalists   don’t pay our do’s
                                                                                                                pay our don’t’s

spectrum of stoneflies:
glowing in the bark
                                     of a bleached silk tree   
                                                                              ten times the sun nurses
                                                    Exceptionalist detriment
Nobody knows our name/ S O M E
                                                                      belly back umbilical
                                                                      egg in eye
                                                                                       Exceptional audience
                                                                                       private performance
cavewall         paints dinosexceptionalism
hunt naked    leftovers
                           our sun
                                          needs our little fingers
                                           every river still
                                                                  blessed blind
including but not
                                 limited to the sun
                                                                  dead before
                                                                   skeletons: the earth’s nail growth

Expecting   no exception to Exceptionalism
Exceptionalist dawnhoppers: bristleless brooms spreading sun
                                                                                                                         killed the everyman
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