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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Poor me, part soya acre, Sir Hard Nose
Minimal eights, excuse the soccer players in the cabin
Creaky abdomen, large rocks
Launch my soul generous Texas Pez
Impossible calculus confuses my love 
Tropical huts, turner of men, walking lentils
Rustproof heart, official to the stars
Administrator of scarabs
Fan of Gilbert Arenas’ sleepy institutions
Chillin’ perpetually 
Friend, Mud, Enemy
Interested in Parrots
Veteran of Simon and Mal’s home schooling
Timid in saloons
Sin Object
Administrator of Horror
Familiar with Vonnegut
Discretely enters animals while
The new baroness invests in markets and libraries
Colicky in corduroys, 
Inconsolable basket case
For vulgar Jimmy Durante, time goes by all year
Resplendent in the square with a monumental appetite for lentils
Tiger in the dorm room, suspect with allergies
Inspector of the invisible nocturnal ceiling
Disordered, persistent, valiant, needy
Coburn sins fishily
Amal visits the women 
actively paddling 
Poet with bad diction, taunting Capote
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