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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Two fat & lazy nickels can't equal the nervous intensity of a dime.

The coffin salesman's voice is like a mother's hands washing a baby.

At every city limit is a culvert strewn with baby clothes.

Sunglasses make the mouth cruel.

Birthday cakes are soft bombs of melancholy.

Airplane hangar: giant cunt of air.

Saint's finger in a reliquary is God's candy.

Flowers leave a faint yellow sigh in antique books.

Ironing a shirt to make it stupid again.

Bouillabaisse: a seafood Last Judgement by Bosch.

Football huddle: a flower of thighs.

Incestuously, I light one cigarette with another.

The first sip of beer paganizes the mouth.

The whore on a cigar box is the mother of the rum bottle pirate.

Contrails fatten on silence and die.

English barrister wigs are the white sausages of justice.

Moneybags in political cartoons are plutocratic scrotums.

Belts, shoelaces confiscated; the pants-of-self fall down.

Cigarettes teach fire to meditate.

Faceting makes a diamond all windows.

Traveling Europe by canal, one sees the buttocks of history.

The Japanese grossly over-season lunch with mind.

This morning's donuts are now hard and cynical.

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