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tearing the rag off the bush again
Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0 PDF E-mail
Dear Exquisite Corpse Magazine,

These are a series of “Tag Cloud” poetry. I ran a tag cloud from my blog and what was generated was a gigantic list of words remarkably similar to the exquisite corpse theme. I call them Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0.

Bio: Vixen, just a baby when she arrived, has been living and playing to the glorious city of San Francisco for over 12 years now. Of those 12 years, many have been spent serving the city's denizens at the public library. When she is not writing about sex, she's having it.

Self Portrait:

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Cadavre Exquis Web 2.0:

manner skips--salacious soft stacks
genre disappearing
fire brought lip experience
mutual beast reappearing

magical slap
find lap perfectly ripe--flooding
group dichotomy drips
cruel air

concerned unsure—autumn
gratification zombies
subscribe reasons
orange tonight—lubed vultures

confess belonged wanting
cum sluts happen
effortless expressions possessed
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lovers stories mentioned—devotional encounter

streaked profile

natural g-spot, essential as sucking dick

subtle ride

a nod with proscribed culture

thinking of curved, gritty, drip beasts

alteration sits parted, painting, choking, insatiable

terminology—whispered, hungry, mesmerized

honey spanked responsibility
craved kisses

individual Sunday’s

periodical subjugation contributing to my sly slink

caressed positions remain—humiliation, fascination, lust

saliva services

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Silver Gelatin Coats my Chrome

darker sounds creating human photography

tightest veined sliding, supposed pursuit- record-practice

spanking red commitment—monogamous awhile-slapping support

object noticed in a lowering swell

devoted heart, elated cry, racing, yelling, choked

censorship permitted, struggled beliefs

sleek uncut, lower petals-coated clit

scrumptious lands drift—we part,exchange privatized fucks

stocking legs stretched- cervices compromised

presenting characteristics, enjoying peek-a-boo

preserving bottom days, pulling reactions-alter new intoxication

teasing, careless, pushing—intimate shifts

thinking radiating snapshot, growls rising—swayed imagery

instant, purposefully, significant—flood—creamy—sweeter—actual
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Suppressed sweaty sights, outstretched inclination
Individual depraved creed, manipulated
Catalog added doctrinal architecture remains
Gentle lewd tales set flame

Curiosa chronicle retrieval
Removed partisan
Ocean bed—positioned expression
Music, glowing, yummy—denied

Bind memory process abridged
Hovering, heady—eclectically physical memories
Smashed radiant hue materializing lustrous
Countless parts falling

Numbing shove, living fake
Strange swaying wicked flick—woman laughing
Sad exhibit passes—savoring common secrets
Plowed urge erotic
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My Favorite Genre

Behavior restricted
Facilities seek change
Fuck dirty realization
Compartmentalized flow
Proclaiming handfuls of rites

Sound blurring garish interest
Spit wattage variations
Decide—decode—delete me
Denominator tested

Fluid beads—induced properly
Locked stuck samplings
Historical squishing
Curvilinear arms finding summer

Words stroked—swallow emotionally
Affiliations achieved-cut
Pure headiness—good bad realized
Ramming temporarily—slicked clear kissed
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virtual curves please

remarkable form swallowed

mild dusk lifted--dark

interesting cascades dribble porn

proof focused—damn slow

ravaged secrets—streamlined pre-cum

American play—history owned

impulse-strong-budding brute combination

heretical indifference slides—persuading

unnatural charge—carnal

deliberate torrential tasting

body fulfillment—knowledge

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