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tearing the rag off the bush again
The American Sideshow - Living Large In The Hobo Jungle PDF E-mail
Back from a long hiatus, American Sideshow is brimming with clever tips on weathering the new economic crisis (including 15 things to do with packing tape and treating a staph infection with Diet Cherry Coke).  
This issue features "The Drifter's Guide To Temporary Housing."  Here you'll find five-star squatting requires nothing more than a little gumption and breaking into an abandoned meat packing plant.
Guaranteed to make you chuckle, has also been known to cure maladies such as restless spine syndrome and chestal mites.
Note: Special guest appearance by Dominic "Frank" Peroni - mob lawyer.  (Legal briefing on drifter's rights may involve "a few odd jobs" and buying Jimmy "The Chin" a panini.
Yours truly,
Diana Grove - Editor Indispensable! Rex Reed
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