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tearing the rag off the bush again
Concerning 'Birther' editorial PDF E-mail
first thought: reader takes shot at editor, then: see exchange

One of the classic defense mechanisms that Freud describes

is "reaction formation." An example would be that you have a

desire to trip someone but instead open the door for them.


If the "Birther movement" is the reaction formation or defense

mechanism what then is the real desire? As Europeans

know, little insanities can lead to bigger insanities.


Sincerely yours,

Charles Greenberg

two days later:

Not a shot at you, a shot at the birthers and their unconscious.
The Imaginary Jew ........the imaginary lack of a birth certificate
of someone who is clearly American ie the prez

four hours later:

thanks. this editor takes everything way too personally -- the Corpse motto was once "we did it!." Now, of course, it's "if we didn't we will."



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