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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Pat Nolan, Random Rocks: haikai no renga, bamboo leaf studio, box 798, monte rio, ca 95462. This exquisite hand-made book is essential Pat Nolan; his California Zen sensibility and acutely developed (over decades of practice) attention to each word, is complemented by the handmade paper, the handsewn cover, unique for each copy. This book, like a few others in the growing Nolan oeuvre, is an art object, well worth owning for both contents and form. "Unaware she bares her forearm/ bruises - her new fierce love//pinpoints of fine rain/ pock the pea gravel path//rattle of bamboo rake." Also: Carbon Data, poems by Pat Nolan, Last Cookie Press, 2008, box 798, monte rio, ca 95462. In its entirety, "After Descartes": "Thinking is highly overrated/ the blank page in front of me proves that!/ I'll never doubt myself again.// why then I do// dick around// an apt expression//when applied///to most men// (press gently)// it's not that I mind/being stupid/ it's the reminders I mind." Also by Pat Nolan, poetry for sale, another hand-made beautiful book of Haikai No Renga collaborations wth Keith Kumasen Abbott. The title refers to Pat's new business, making books on handmade paper, bound in a traditional Japanese way, and the new middle name of his collaboator, the well-known fiction writer Keith Abbott, must be some newly confered Zen title, Keith's long-time practice.

N. Nosirah
, God is an Atheist: A Novella for Those Who Have Run Out of Time. Boulder: Sentient Publication. In this book, God explains why he’s an atheist.
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