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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Dominique Fabré, The Waitress Was New, translated from French by Jordan Stump, Brooklyn, NY: archipelago books, We love this press. They make beautiful books. This is a charming little novel about the marginalised working people of Paris, a light intersection of Queneau and Zola.

Vincent Farnsworth, Theremin, selected poems, Prague: Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2011. "Vincent Farnsworth makes the cacophony of the band-rehearsal next door into a manual for gracefully ageing," said Codrescu on the back cover, featuring also a wind-blown scowling Pragueno ready to go out or take down a UFO, and this quote by Tom Clark, "Brute sage of destiny." Such show-offs blurbers, poets, publishers! But, in this case, everyone is correct. Vincent is great!

Fèlix Fènèon
, Novels in Three Lines, translated from French and with an introduction by Luc Sante. OK, we notice that the author kept his aigues, but the great Sante (we are big fans!) dropped his. What up? Otherwise, we love the three-line novels of this clerk who discovered Seurat and attended Mallarmè’s salon. New York Review of Books. We also love these re-issues by the NYRB. More!

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Coney Island of the Mind, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition with CD of the poet reading. New York: New Directions, . Has it really been fifty years? This major American poem sold millions of copies and was, along with Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," the companion of a whole restless generation. Dog-eared copies passed from rebel high-schoolers into hitch-hikers' backpacks into decades of parka pockets and second-hand jackets, and then into the 21st century and the suited academies. For all that handling, the chaplinesque burlesque and the magrittine and duffy-goofesque freshness of the verses keeps us doing summersaults. This edition's destination? ebay, of course (after downloading the cd)

Carmen Firan, Puterea Cuvintelor (The Power of Words), Craiova: Editura Scrisul Romanesc. This essay by the prodigious poet, fictioneer, anthologist, and ambassador for Romanian poetry, is a good insight into the understanding (nearly lost in the over-mediated West) of the power of words.

Steven Johannes Fowler
, Minimum Security Prison Dentistry, anything anymore anywhere, 1 Spence Street, Edinburgh, EH 165 AG, . I know "minimum" is in the title but it still hurts. Fowler's poetry hurts a little more, in a good way: there is living and thinking in these generous breaths of fresh lyric air. "sensitive to the next day regret & poverty/ melancholy northern soul, false and twisted/ moisture menagerie -- human ear alchemy," simultneously a report on the poetic state of the colder areas of Europe, a critique of the (cultural) climate, and an urging to listen. There are some very fun sexy poems in here too, like "buff my pylon," which must be Brit for "spank the monkey." The man is alive, his poetry, too.

Peter Freund, A Passion for Discovery, New Jersey: World Scientific, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . A wonderful series of anecdotes about great physicists, by Corpse contributor, string-theorist and distinguished theoretical physicist Peter Freund.
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