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tearing the rag off the bush again
translated by Adam Zdrodowski
A leaf functions until the last moment. Even when it falls from the tree,

it still breathes. In 1546 an unknown fish was caught off the shore of Denmark.

The fish had long fins and a tail, and its scales were covered by a brown habit.

They called it a sea monk. Did you know that Richard Kuklinski

from the Bronx murdered 100 people? He kept the quartered bodies

in the fridge. He went down in history as the mad “Iceman”! A seal trainer:

My alumni can play water polo and are the idols of handicapped

youth. (The Copenhagen zoo greets people and pensioners – animals:

no admittance!) An invasion follows… A mushroom, clasterosporium carpophilum,

is approaching us… Lazy pugs – multum in parvo!

In 1733 Karl Alexander, The Duke of Württemberg, had a pug monument
erected in Winnenthal castle. (Pugs need a 20-minute walk every day.)

Remember before you fall asleep: Only broccoli will cure your paranoia

once and for all. 3 inconvenient questions: What was the fate of the sea monk?

Did they let him speak to the smoked flounder mongers?

Or maybe they had a festive post-mortem? The chronicles are silent on this point…

Peroxide Joanna speaks: My relatives used to like plums and in December they fed on

meatless sauerkraut stew. It must blend well…– they would whisper mysteriously

beneath their quilts. (The Clasterosporium mushroom…) This time it was my

last visit – I promise to myself and I shut my eyelids tight.

On the other side the winged “Iceman” awaits me.
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