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tearing the rag off the bush again
Tristan Tzara, the Lonely Maker PDF E-mail

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Portrait Nun by Sarah Sears
Tristan Tzara lonely? Dada an-

archist, Résistance hero during the War,

can he have doubt? Abused by clique and clan

and foe? Is Peking Man about to soar

from his cave and attack the monocled,

gentle, three-piece bourgeois suit I walk

the streets of Paris with? I am cram filled

with pleasure as arm and arm we talk

of Bucharest where the Romanian Jew

was born. Je suis plus que l’histoire du vers.

They know me as the founder of the isms,

but I’m a poet, a French poet! Me a squirt

of twenty-one and he confides his woes?

In his sun apartment over Boule Miche

he pulls out copies of his books. He flips

through them. We sit and read outrageous hymns.
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