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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Momma’s Gift

She left that damn white dog
to eat orchids and cry
at old man’s death window.

Sheba , short for Bathsheba, we chase
that damn white dog around the yard
with sticks of fire, squealing when she yelps.

Old man’s smarter—
he tosses her chicken bones
from his bed. He has no time
for orchid eaters and dying.

ten points - steam engine:

One: double acting pistons

she is a little nightmare – the sound
of metal moving. settled when it is turned
off. click click click.

Two: compounding

the train is that sound – I won’t lie
it runs behind the county jail and you can hear
the whistle while you wait for arrangement.

Three: multiple expansion

I mean arraignment – words have become
clumsy like air moving pollen. you are a cement room
painted pink and cold; in florida the bougainvillea.

Four: uniflow

none of it works. so too have numbers become clumsy.
there is nothing more to do than to make lists and to forget
about four.

Five: vacuum

there is a girl sitting
in holding talking to Samson and the Piccolo
Pete. these are very dangerous men - very dangerous winds.

Six: sun and planet gears

this is fine for her; but for you: do not ride the steam
boat. the plastic is hot on your ass and there’s that sound
of energy being produced – where/whatever that is.

Seven: inlet

she is a little nightmare – and her
repetition will propel us forward like the sound
of wheels on the track when they brake.

Eight: condensation

note the movement of the governor;
a complicated aeolipile. not much changes and we spin –
water heated in a basin.

Nine: expansion

bleed the grass; break the reed
put it in between your lips and blow
make that sound; the whine through a broken nose.

Ten: cutoff

it is probably too late for apologies –
but here goes.

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