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tearing the rag off the bush again
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 Twenty-Something Couple
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We don't know any more about each other than that which we can see; we stand with a magnifying glass in the middle of the Milky Way. And what we see isn't real either; we know absolutely nothing, we are divided and alone, we stand outside, we are but impatient onlookers, and we know less still about our own selves. -- Lars Saabye Christensen, The Half Brother

The exclusive business of the wooing
Scene's exploiting the awareness gap
That separates the lovers from each other
And both of them from us: We share with her
A sense of curious anticipation --
Wondering if he'll wake up to being fooled,
She lets her cool eyes, patrolling the cafe,
Signal things to him she doesn't quite mean --
As though in an intention field a child
Playing with chessmen went through the motions
Of taking a king--Did you mean to mate him?--
Soon they'll be falling in one another's arms
Taking turns at gulling and being gulled,
Often gulling and gulled at the same time.

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