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tearing the rag off the bush again
Four Poems by Narlan Teixeira PDF E-mail
eyes eyes eyes



Besides mine

I've got eyes

That see what

I cannot avoid

Besides mine

I've got desires

That desire things

That I don't like

To desire


My mouth, for example

Wants your breasts


Besides mine

I've got hands

That want


To touch the infinite


I feel insects flying in me

The noise of their wings

Feeding themselves on air


I feel the dull sound

(Heavy as the engine of a ship)

of a cloud of insects

That inhabits me


Sometimes I ask myself

If I really am a human being


The Jungle

the jungle in me is merciless


I am tied as if in a primitive ritual


I cannot move myself


Each leaf a letter


Each tree a word


There are no ways


Where I can pass by


Everything is a mass of everything


Pre-historical birds pass by


Nameless birds pass by


Birdless birds pass by


The jungle in me is endless


The prophecy

Behind these insane prophets


the roman columns


these stone bridges


the world's words


so many buildings


these train stations


the philosophy


the steps of history


the faces of men


so many gospels


so many holy books


so many marginal ones


the starvation in the world


an   inkless pen


every opium every tree


these bugs spiders


those protest songs


rock in roll spirit


every broken record


every child crying


every refugee camp


every lost dream


centuries of mistakes


every blind man


the quantum theory


every lie


Behind everything


There's a truth that we need  desperately to see







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