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tearing the rag off the bush again
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Shirt of Oranges

Forget the torn apples. The path of fours torching your human.
There is the favor the might of meat the caper of hungry men on the shore forever.
The boat bends, the shape of "you." Where there is none.
Loping current. Listen.
Materially the rowers are makers
makers of partial water
therein lies the mouth the foretaste of priceless countertops
you took it between your teeth in intervals playing as if it were a card
an hour or a day asleep as the color of my shirt changes.
Nothing can be done while you speak clearly
it's in the center of the night a hole for the corners of your eyes your words
to fall
in the morning or noon the words are commercials. In fact
commercials are better because it means checking the mail.


something was supposed to be loud in this
i asked but you swallowed thyme
irritating the lowly balustrades traveling down their throats
the balustrades holding onto the garden's shoulders
holding on in place of light nowhere to be followed
in this muttering there was no way to pass forward the voices
in between your teeth again two days old and rising
you too would roam the fire-place
you too would notice caterwauls in your eyes
you too would be naked in the spoon
its curve of camel hair
i am going to curl it then and place a name on it like spit
the persistence of a dough made of boys
blame it on the rivalry between cities the cities its forgotten arms
your jealousy pounds into the city which takes care of it
and it becomes a stony slap.


is this the wrist then key on bone
number the stairs two hundred and twenty then repeat
proceed to lift water higher than your eyes it stares mightily
yes the key in bone rocks
green ribbons fly trapping it to the landing while the stairs weep with hunger
and then you unfold quietly
first parchment
double pleated stored up in your chest
staring staring
and it curls forward like a smile
then the nails like blue rooms for tiny white fish
moving upon toasters
if you don't want to die then you should not bite.

Memorize/ Am I Hungry ?

because the manners topple each other like glasses on the staircase
because the eyes are swept in cabinets of curiosities
because the deer stops inside and whispers beneath the skin without opening its mouth
because of all this and arches in strong sunlight there are only a few purple tissues
only a nose in the refrigerator
and cold underneath your breast
i am going to open it underneath my tongue a mouth full of doorknobs
it is the only way you can send me from here
in manners for falling and manners for left
in manners for street corner leaves
in manners for the telephone when it is detached from the hip
and rolling away suddenly like an arm or a head bought from country X
leave it there, leave it
purse your lips and drink watching forward motion
finding a stone called Africa underneath your bed
hiding in case
in case
you recall that yellow you know which one
only if you can hum it on this side of the bars that side of the bars
in the green dark or along the finger-holes of the cement hall
outside or inside when someone throws you an apple that smells like an orange.


feel the string it wants to keep moving
leaving no corner the tiger broken in two
the forgotten tiger like lightning in a frog's mouth
thinks yellow
do not wait for lawyers to speak about the heat in things
or the mammal wire
dim down, place an arm behind your head
i will read you the constitution article by article
most important is that you learn to dial properly
yes dial! like a sunflower names into the flanks
no spine is silent or finds enough space
the law decrees i turn my teeth inside out
and vocalize weather
vocalize garlic on the air when you're hungry and the tiger is knotted
would you take his legs off for him?
so that he can spring like an apple.

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