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tearing the rag off the bush again
Ruxandra Cesereanu in the Chelsea Hotel 2009 PDF E-mail
Ruxandra met two old-timers on the Chelsea's fifth floor instantly: they invited us into their ancient apartments & studios and nearly captured her. She'd still be there if she didn't have to be in Cluj and Galilee.

 Chelsea Hotel & The Third Millenium


You are a skyscraper of the saints vagabonds

A mantra with red & black hair

Exploded in an acid trip highway

You are a raincoat for sweet paranoic human beings

with scapulars & sex loving gods

mattress tattooed magic trash gipsy cigarettes

Indian candles chocolate toys revolutionary coffee

Fountains of chess & fresh skins & freedom circus exciting

The psycho subway is always inside us

As the shaken lights are also inside

Prophecies & toilets sliding together

Thieves of silk & ugliness with pearls

Kitchens of dying tamburines & fools with flash eyes

The custumers are searching the very heart of Chelsea Hotel

Through a spaghetti vocabulary

The Unfinished is near us as a great winter

We are infected and happy in Chelsea Hotel

We are eating mystic pain and becoming soft donkies

Envolved in an electric kiss

There is no redemption anymore just a shamed vanished knowledge

Oooooh we languished for a luminescent leprosy

For a cosmic hospital where nothing is forbidden

& insanity is at free charge

& the wound is naked

& seduction is a turmoil

& nothing is nothing

& even the dust could be poetry

Neglection full with junkies

Here at Chelsea Hotel

The morphine portofolio of saints vagabonds

In exchange for a magnified life

And for the sainthood of cinnamon and transfusions

All the famous people with convalescent brains are here in Chelsea Hotel

Because to be here is a concept of life

& a snakeskin inside a Polaroid camera

Because to be here is a black-and-white shaped whirlwind

Across all the bridges & runaways & lepidopterian abductions

& esoteric doll rooms & nonsocial working butterflies.


(Here I stayed eating a mountain of shrimps with Andrew

The Neworlishire Cat talking near Babylon in the new millennium. B

ut there were no crows or barbarians.)

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