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tearing the rag off the bush again
from SEMILIAN?S FILM CLASS: I Daydream a Lot PDF E-mail
I Daydream A Lot
Avant Garde Class Reflection -- May 20, 2011

All day....

I daydream of people falling down  the stairs. I daydream about a 12 little old ladies dressed in pink dresses farting in a small elevator and giggling in perfect harmony. I daydream of a homeless man telling me his story of how he used to be the nation’s top male stripper in his 20’s. I daydream about screaming out loud that I can fall in love with anyone no matter what their gender is. I daydream that I won’t be ashamed to date a woman once I am 80, because my mommy will be in heaven and she won’t get sad to know that have I the curiosity of dating a woman because I love boobies. I daydream about marrying 12 men of the 12 zodiac signs so that I can experience all the traits I like of them whenever I want. I daydream that I would have them in 12 different houses and come see them whenever I wanted. They would only be in love with me and me only. I daydream about kissing the freckle’s of a first year guy’s arms . He is the first white boy I have liked in a long time and I think we should marry and divorce whenever we disagree about what ice cream flavor we want to get at the supermarket. I daydream about being in my hideous pink dress that I loved so much as a child and picking lemons in my Aunt Ligia’s lemon tree. I daydream that I can buy my parents an island where I can give them anything they want and they can be protected from anyone that wants to hurt them. I daydream that I can put my family in my pocket so that I can protect them from any evil. I daydream that animals no longer cry when they are being killed and being put into saran wrapped packages in the super market. I daydream that I can love as many people as I want and won’t hurt any of them. They can all have me and I can have them. I daydream that I can do whatever the fuck I want. I daydream about having 200 stray dogs live in my house so that I can love and protect them. I day dream that I can just walk to Venezuela and get there in just 10 minutes. I daydream that my whole family will turn into a whole bunch of latin punk rockers and hippies and so that maybe I won’t feel so judged yet. I daydream about making love all the time. I daydream about telling everyone to fuck off and just make the movie of my dreams. I daydream about telenovela star that is the femme fatal because that way I can kiss everyone because the protagonist usually remains a virgin most of the time and that is boring. I daydream that I can marry the boy with the freckles in his arms in the forest. I daydream that I would wear a white cotton dress, a crown of daises and would be barefoot. He would wear a dress too. I think I will marry a cross dresser. I love him, I love him. I day dream that I will make movies about Latina girls that are underdogs in society. I day dream that I will one day become the Virgin Mary and go around the world, hugging people and telling them that in my arms they will only find love and nothing else. I daydream that I can just be myself and just accept who I am.

And this is was your class lets me daydream about without being ashamed...XOXOXO
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