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tearing the rag off the bush again
Three New Works by Joel Dailey PDF E-mail
man elusive like his magazine


Opening night searchlights toss undisturbed sky

Armed with XM25s search parties roam the avenues, looking to engage

& when I search deep within my soul

I discover CORN NUTS     promising “the ultimate crunch”


Hand to hand

Day to day

Cheek to asscheek


While showering or watching a meteor shower I wonder HOW HAPPY PEOPLE GOT THAT


By birthright     or an exact combination of pills

Speaking of personal     a projectile is coming right for my (duck) head

& now it’s time for a startling image


Michelle Obama

Doggied down

On the White House lawn


Powerful emotions are often unleashed via the Personal Lyric

But the Forces of Postmodernism ruin this one

So radiantly obvious

Unglued in the blogosphere (alas)     YOUR SEXIEST UPPER BODY resembles Name




For The Veez

My life coach

Is wrestling

My death coach

On the living room couch


A case of water

Or a case of mistaken identity

Of the excitements to come

These are only two


You may be an unwitting victim

Of anti-textuality

Without even knowing it

Skirting the limits of abstraction, trombone—less



For Scott Satterwhie

Coffee     or tea

Over easy     or scrambled

Bacon     or sausage

Hash browns     or grits

White     wheat     or rye

Butter     or chemical

Britney     or Betty

Minor league     or major

Verse     or universe

Bound     or unbound

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