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tearing the rag off the bush again
Wormwood Scrubs by Steven J. Fowler PDF E-mail

 all heart & some voices

Wormwood scrubs


to Anselm Hollo



o my best friend


if i should die



all those emails unanswered

might be a tiny ear

in the palm



on wormwood

that’s why

holding you so lovely




almost always

a love poem here



command is given

& we’re clan

free above the wall



before where the lion teases an army

its more silky

as it lifts its tail to the whores!



to have to two wives

two sisters / two mothers

& three dragons



there, a lucky king

a crown of fur

a spaced wolf battle growl



how did you get those





singing to me about eye colour

performance poet

lublin isnt dublin



& the feelings in the heart

of feelings

but 12 year old nearly dead through self starvation



refusing potassium pills

the only way to stop the father

is to kill him



there is nothing pathetic

about her

she doesnt panic



what colour need a spoon be

when bored into thick

in order to stir shit as a profession



the city a snake

turns out a shark

doom, the house rises up into a dragon



o my david

butler & friend & best man

you’re nothing on my wife


were it not for an old bear


we would free miniature licence



to wed

just days from that old letch

informing us how love we are



& will be

apart from everybody

because ain’t we not like them



a crocodile bird

a line of matamatas

surviving videos, like wolves



borobudur from the outset

there are two discretions

the first on objection



I was olivia


& I make suicide


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