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tearing the rag off the bush again
Multilegged Milliped by Gershon Hepner PDF E-mail
Gershon Hepner ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) is America's news poet, author of seventy thousand (you heard right!) poems on the margins of comments of interest to him, culled from our ever-growing media. His wide interests are expressed in extraordinarily thoughtful, witty, and skilful verse. He is by no means naive: had he not chosen poetry forms to express himself he would be a celebrated media personality. The following poem is a reply to my note below where I despair of ever keeping up with him. Andrei Codrescu

Nota Bene: You didn't hear right. It's ten thousand poems, as 10,179 below the below illustrates

Multilegged milliped,
brain and computer
prove he is not yet dead.
Penelope suitor,
he thinks that his rival
may be, so he’s crawling,
and thinks his survival
depends on his trawlin’
for verses he gives her
each day. Though she trashes
each one he forgives her,
and straightaway dashes
another one off, to
be more millipedic,
and tell her he’d love to
be far less ascetic.
Break a leg, she won’t answer,
not wishing him luck,
regarding as cancer
his poems, poor schmuck.
It’s hard to envelope, he
learns with distress,
the lovely Penelope,
A response to Andrei Codrescu’s response to my poem “Life is Not”:

Gershon, my humble sliced-thin-as-cheese-in-a-family-of-13 time does not allow me to keep pace with your otherwise mailings and poems. Publish your 70,000 works as a Chronicle of Our Days on the internet in a site all your own, I think that people will read you with pleasure. I'm merely human, you're a multilegged milliped with a computer brain. Cheers, Andrei

To which Gershon Hepner at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it re-responded:

Thanks so much.

Actually it's 10,000, not 70,000, as this poem indicates.

Any chance of putting email address on any of my poems you may choose to publish on, in case you have a fatal relapse?
When you think of arabesques you
should think of Andrei, the Codrescu
who with poetic squirls and squiggles
induces in his readers giggles.
In this poem I will link
my squiggles with Codrescu’s ink,
and squeeze myself between his squirls
to please poetic boys and girls.
Indeed I suffer graphomania,
although I am not from Romania,
in Leipzig born, but educated
in Britain, and from there translated
across the ocean and the Rockies,
jabbering like jabberwockies,
while for publishers still waiting,
cool and Californicating.
Andrei’s published me on corpse
dot org, while woofing through my warps,
ten thousand, only I’m afraid.
Who cares? Since I’m not getting paid,
accept my squiggles just like Andrei’s,
and then, if you should understand, raise
most loud objections to high heaven
till they have multiplied by seven.
5/12/12            #10179
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