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tearing the rag off the bush again
The Transient Nature of Twinkies by Dave Breithaupt PDF E-mail
Special to the Corpse! From Ohio, formerly a Battleground State!

The Transient Nature of Twinkies
The calendar has turned-
we are living in year one,
Twinkies AD.
Ho Hos have vanshed
like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt
tho still tasty and preserved
like the corpse of Stalin.
Ding Dongs killed
Harvey Milk but
I love them still.
Wonder Bread made me
cross the Rubicon
in defiance of Pompey,
Little Debbie has gone full cycle
into Crazy Wisdom and
Hostess fruit pies live only
in memories of childhood youth.
They will never die in their
cellophane caskets as long
as I live and embrace them in
my tender sucrose memories.
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