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tearing the rag off the bush again
A New Corpse Section and Contest! PDF E-mail
Exquisite Corpse is inaugurating a new section called BLEEDING HEARTS. When we received this report from artist and Occupy activist Jessica Logsdon, we were quite taken by its unrelenting pathos, until the end when Jessica's companion Jeff ventures that Red's death may have come about from an excess of feeling the sudden onset of freedom. Was Jeff trying to make Jessica feel better, or was he reaffirming the ideals of their PETA-style faction of the Occupy Kansas City movement? And did Jessica believe Jeff? If she did, she doesn't say. She only reports what Jeff said. The subject line of her report was, however: ROAD HARD RED. There is a hint here, of something were aren't sure of. We wrote back that our opinion here, at Corpse headquarters, is very different from Jeff's: "JaJa plain out murdered Red, sorry Jeff, 'cause that's what some excons do to fresh escapees. JaJa thought that Red was no chicken at all, but a stool-pidgeon. How would Red know about Bleeding Hearts and Project Innocence and all that? A fine mystery you wrote, though -- it's almost a test for Juliet and Justine. Who's who? We would like to start a Bleeding Hearts section in Exquisite Corpse and post your fable for our debut."

With Jessica's OK, we now launch this section to solicit true BLEEDING HEART stories from our contributors. The stories must be true so that whatever ambiguity attaches to them arises naturally from action, whatever the perpetrator (or narrator) believes. In the story of Red and and JaJa the instant availability of two opposing opinions suggests a number of possibilities. Are all idealists ideal candidates for radical ideologies because of their bleeding hearts? Are bleeding hearts cured by common sense? We would especially like to hear from prisoners who are doing life for acts of kindness.
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