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tearing the rag off the bush again
March Hares by Nanos Valaoritis PDF E-mail
Our dear friend, Nanos Valaoritis, cherished Greek poet, sent us one of his new poems.


Today we serve them fish

tomorrow chicken soup

yesterday it was mushrooms

in huge rooms with echo


then we take them on their word

we refresh their memory with

wide fans made of peacock’s

feathers – however later


We regret we said and diddle this

we try penance bowing, kneeling

hand kissing, nose blowing

drying up about fire solid tears


All in vain, because the tears

in the fabric are irreparable

in between them we see scenes

of disaster, triumph ship wrecks


lovemaking – nothing new

in the matter of imagery but

when a little oil is rubbed

on them then they all come true.


                  Athens, 17 March 2012 (March Hare)





















Words not actions can always

elevate balloons blooming

in  summer skies among

the  iridescent clouds


 It wasn’t the inspector :

we vigilants observers of fraud

reapers of the corrupt deep

friendly to  cold fish


attitudes so precious and  affected

in ways past counting : watch

us jump from the spring board

always handy with  a rock in hand


to shatter or to mold the water

according to your intentions

a memory of fuchsias

what was it I said when you said


no – and later came all that

all this trumpeted – by the Angel

unrecognizable in his disguise

a real money lender curtains up

to make things easier to stand down

                           Athens, 17 March 2012




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