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JaJa the Medicine Bird's Song Becomes Radical! PDF E-mail
JaJa the Medicine Bird's Song Becomes Radical!

JaJa, is a Chinese Silkie hen, the Silkies are composed of black meat that is believed to contain medicinal powers when eaten. So Ja Ja, the hen believed to be a medicine bird, sat and sat and sat on her clutch of eggs and then she even continued to sit some more. She only got up off of her eggs once every day or two to drink some water and eat some grain. She continued to sit even when it was very cold outside for days in a row, even when being outside for just a few minutes without moving around froze a person down to their bones. She continued to sit when it began to sprinkle and she continued to sit when the rain poured down from the sky as sheets of water. She stretched as much as her tiny fluffy little body would allow over as many eggs as she could for twenty seven days. A few of the days I caught her taking a quick dirt bath in the few patches of dry soil in the yard. I watched her jump up and down in the dirt frequently rolling around onto her back before getting back up to the shake the dry soil in between her feathers over and over again. She always seemed to be bathing with such haste before darting back to her nest of eggs. When the days began to warm up and even become a bit hot she continued to sit on her clutch of eggs, delicately rotating them in and out from underneath her when she sensed they were beginning to over heat. JaJa sacrifices all of her time and most of her energy into these eggs, some of which are even from the other hens and yet she shows equal affection for them all. She is so very committed to this precious task of hatching eggs she inspired two other hens, Angelina and Radical to do the same. All three hens, Ja, Angelina and Radical have all now united on the same path of life. These three hens have an understanding of their duty as hens. They feel dedicated to use their warmth and their knowledge to create more chickens. JaJa, Angelina and Radical have all united on a journey which requires very little movement. They will not journey south or north, east or west and yet they go back to go forward and they pass beneath the shadows to emerge from their nest with many lives ready to touch the light. The history of eggs is the history of hens.

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